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A very encouraging article in the Edmonton Sun

A very positive and non condescending article about Press for Truth, Loose Change FC and the truth movement in general. The Sun is one of two daily newspapers published in Edmonton,,it is a tabloid with large circulation, but is usually fairly conservative from what I understand.

Two Films and a Thousand Questions

This coming Tuesday marks six years since the terrorist attacks on the United States which quickly and effectively gashed open a new era on planet Earth.

Six years on, and U.S. President George W. Bush is spinning off further damning testimony from two former CIA officers that this president's government had "no logical reason whatsoever" to believe there was any so-called alluring "weapons of mass destruction" in sputtering Iraq.

It's a fact made obvious years ago by the initial utter lack of retaliatory use during the well-warned invasion on the thuggish Saddam Hussein - the carrot that led the West to war simply didn't exist.

But by that time, a new scandal had come along; as it always does for those curious or critical about the strange and secretive doings of the Bush camp and a leader who uses the title "wartime president" as a blank cheque to do anything he likes.

As less partisan, less dogmatic Canadians, we would never allow our prime minister such gall. Thankfully.