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Pulling the daisies -- revisited

This is a follow-up to another entry about activism in Germany. This time, thanks to casseia's help, I can offer finalized english translations of hopefully handy activist material -- cleansed of typos, lowercase quotation marks, and overall engrish mishaps on my part. Enjoy!

Pulling the daisies

In the spirit of international communication I'm submitting this entry in english, even though it is of limited (read: no) practical usefulness if you happen to dwell outside the german linguasphere. As european solidarity with 9/11 Truth still manifests mostly in ways invisible from inside the bubble, I think this spring marks the perfect time to tap the vast resources of malinformed germans still living under the spell of our conformistic mass media.

For this, I put together eight A3 PDFs intended for a 2x2x2 movable wall assembly, presenting what I deem the strongest evidence, in the best way I could (for now). They are attached below -- feel free to criticize, copy and edit whatever you like. If you feel they represent your thoughts, all it takes is an A3 capable color printer, a simple framework and some spare time to get going!

9/11 Truth now - and then what?

Years of relentless activity by ever more people have paid off - even though many still dare little more than shy glances, everyone can now see the emperor's new clothes. Therefore, it is time to craft strategies for the day when the emperor will be no more - without a sound, comprehensive plan to improve the system, we are no more than insurgents. Righteous insurgents, without a doubt, but the deconstruction we call for will have to be followed by some kind of reconstruction, in ways favorable to We, the people of this earth, the pursuit of liberty and justice for all - and contrary to repeated insidious corruption by the few, lest history repeats itself too soon. This is our goal, and it will take more than an insurgency to achieve, it will take individual leadership, responsibility, integrity, courage and hard work. But most of all, it will require a vision to aspire and cling to, a vision to rally behind.

It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. --Alfred Adler