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Canada-Israel sign "Public Security" Agreement

Canada and Israel Sign Declaration to Cooperate on Public Safety

ISRAEL, March 23, 2008 – Today, the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety Canada and Avi Dicter, Minister of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel, signed a Declaration of Intent to enhance cooperation in the area of public safety.

“The Government of Canada is committed to enhancing the security of Canadians – both through our actions at home and with our international partners.” said Minister Day. “Today’s declaration demonstrates the longstanding cooperation between Canada and Israel on public safety issues, and we welcome this increased cooperation in order to improve our countries’ capacity to protect our citizens.”

This declaration will allow Canada and Israel to better enhance cooperation in the areas of organized crime, emergency management, crime prevention, and other related public safety concerns.

The declaration seeks to establish a more structured framework for the continued cooperation on public safety issues between Canada and Israel.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders... incites hatred against Muslims

Just Released: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film 16 minutes (English)

Here you have it live: The Information War promoting fear and hate.

The film says more about Wilders than about Islam. Does he belong to the same Bilderberg group who are behind the cartoons?

The Dutch MP Geert Wilders has upset the Muslim world before, by calling for a ban on the Koran and likening it to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Using descriptions of Hell, and footage from 911, London 77, Bali, and beheading footage released hours after Abu Ghariab, Geert Wilders tries to incite hatred against Moslems:

National Counter-Terrorism Center Video, WTF?


The NCTC Video (National Counter-Terrorism Center) provides viewers with a short overview of the Center's mission and responsibilities in the War on Terror, a rare peek inside our state-of-the-art Operations Center, and insights into how the Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement work together to protect our country from the threat of terrorism.




Heard on Thanksgiving day: Rush Limbaugh threatens caller who said Cheney bought insurance on WTC prior to 911

Heard on Rush Limbough, Thanksgiving day, November 22 2007, Best of Rush Broadcast Show, original airdate: November 6, 2007. (All such controversy is good publicity to get the Truth out.That 9-11 sure is a sore point... keep picking on it.)

Caller MOE from Columbus Ohio said: "... Well, two weeks before they went down, Cheney bought insurance on the World Trade Center. Now, him being in the circle that he was in, you think Bush didn't buy insurance on it? You think Condoleezza didn't buy insurance on it?"

Rush immediately attacked the caller with personal threats:

An aspect of the 911 wars

This is a ten minute video of Joshua Casteel, who served eight years in the US Army, including seven months as an interrogator and Arabic linguist in the Iraq War.

Joshua was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector and he is now a dual-MFA candidate at the Iowa Playwrights Workshop and the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program.

Know your enemy: The Fascist Blueprint

To Beat the Enemy, We Must Understand Him. Understand the mechanisms of tyrany. Understand the enemy. Understand what the Truth movement is up against. This is a MUST see.

Excellent lecture by Naomi Wolf on "The End of America".

Kudos to GW for his previous post To Beat the Enemy, We Must Understand Him.

Nobel laureate Doris Lessing: Sept. 11 attacks "not that terrible"

Fax her and tell her that THREE buildings fell on 911, not TWO as she thinks (see below). Also could someone tell her that 911 was an inside job.

It would be great if she mentioned 911 Truth in her acceptance speech. Given her life long political activism she may just do that if she were informed.

I don't think she uses e-mail, but she may be contacted through Jonathan Clowes Ltd, her literary agent. Jonathan Clowes Ltd has no web site and no e-mail either, just phone and fax.

Doris Lessing won this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, the Royal Swedish Academy announced in Stockholm on Thursday (18/10).

She is 87 years and still has opinions:

MADRID (AFP) — Nobel prize winning author Doris Lessing said in an interview published Sunday (21 October) that the September 11 attacks had not been "so bad" when compared to Irish Republican Army action.

"September 11 was terrible, but if one re-examines the history of the IRA, what happened in the United States wasn't so bad," Lessing, who captured this year's Nobel literature prize told Spain's leading El Pais daily.

September 11, 2001: Unusual volumes on Put Options just before the attack. Swiss study

September 11, 2001: Unusual volumes on Put Options just before the attack. Swiss study

Says the 11 September 2007 issue of Les Echos, the leading French financial newspaper ]

The paper continues:

Six years after the attacks, a study has been released by two professors of the university of Zurich on the atypical volumes of put options placed before the attacks on World Trade Centre.

The authors, one specialist in derivatives, the other a specialist in econometrics, studied the options to sell (put options), used to speculate on the fall in the price of 20 large American groups.

(Read the full the French article below – Lesage translation)

“Atypical volumes, very rare on certain titles, lead to suspicions of insider trading. " Six years after the attacks of World Trade Center, it is the disconcerting conclusion of a recent study by Marc Chesney and Loriano Mancini, professors at the University of Zurich.

Ahmadinejad: How Is WTC Visit Insulting?

Iranian President On Failed Request To Pay Tribute At Ground Zero speaking with 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley in Tehran, on Sept. 20, 2007. (CBS)

Ahmadinejad, who has been accused of having links to al Qaeda, tells Scott Pelley that he would like to pay his respects to the American people by visiting ground zero.
(snip and snip)
"Sir, what were you thinking? The World Trade Center site is the most sensitive place in the American heart, and you must have known that visiting there would be insulting to many, many Americans," Pelley says.

"Why should it be insulting?" Ahmadinejad asks.

"Well, sir, you're the head of government of an Islamist state that the United States government says is a major exporter of terrorism around the world," Pelley replies.

Cristopher Bollyn has it right

Cristopher Bollyn has important things to say in this -audio.

It seems people are trying to defame him. It is wierd. Thats what you get when you go to CristopherBollyn.com

Perhaps he is cutting too close to the bone: Zionists.

This is his 9/11/2007 article: Excluding evidence from the 9-11 Litigation

Homeland Security Uses "Sensitive Security Information" Regulations to Block Discovery
Andrew Colsky = Michael Chertoff's Censor-in-Chief
By Christopher Bollyn
11 September 2007

He says in the article on his site:

The people who are part of the 9-11 cover-up have names and faces and need to be held accountable.

Letter: David Ray Griffin to 9/9 Brussels Truth March

Dear 9/11 Truth Seekers,

I regret that, due to the fact that I'm addressing an audience in
Oslo, I am unable to attend your United for Truth March here
in Brussels. Nevertheless, I wish, by means of this written
statement, to say a few words of encouragement and appreciation for
your efforts.

The attacks in New York and Washington six years ago left the
American people stunned and ready to agree to almost anything the
Bush-Cheney administration proposed. At home, this has meant severe
restrictions on civil liberties in the name of the so-called PATRIOT

Abroad, we have had a so-called war on terror, which has really been
a war of aggression against Muslims and a war for oil and domination
in Muslim nations. This has meant six years of torture, humiliation,
and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and
Iraq, people who were either innocent civilians or soldiers fighting
against an immoral and even illegal occupation.

During this period, we have also seen an unprecedented media cover-up
in the United States and allied countries. Such cover-ups have
happened before. But in this case, the crime was more enormous, the
consequences were more catastrophic, and the evidence was more
obvious. (For example, just by looking at the collapse of Building 7
of the World Trade Center, anyone who knows anything about these
matters can see that it was brought down by explosives, as Danny
Jowenko of Holland has illustrated.) The failure of the media to
expose the lies of the official story threatens the continued
existence of democracy, which simply cannot function without an
independent media, dedicated to revealing crimes of state.

The truth is, of course, that the War on Terror is bogus. The 9/11
Truth Movement is driven by a desire to find out the truth about what
really happened on 9/11 and who is really behind these attacks. In 6
years, the movement has made a lot of headway. More and more people
are starting to realise that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job,
orchestrated by the United States government as a pretext to carry
out its pre-established policies.

9/11 memorial to start national tour on eve of 6th anniversary

Associated Press - August 14, 2007 2:45 AM ET

NEW YORK (AP) - The September Eleventh memorial is taking survivors' stories and artifacts on a national tour that begins in South Carolina and includes a stop in Cincinnati.

"The 15-city tour kicks off on the eve of the terrorist attacks' sixth anniversary in Columbia, South Carolina."

Tour organizers hope the exhibits will make people far away from New York feel connected to the experience...


Announcing: 9/9/07- Major Protest in Brussels and Madrid

I posted this video as a comment for the text announcement: 9/9/07- Major Protest in Brussels but here it is again for all to see and spread the word.

The video was posted by the organisers United for Truth.

Also in the news is that there will be a sister rally in Madrid on 9 september. This was announced by www.rafapal.net. I hope she provides more detals and links.

Both about 911 related issues.

9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

Vanity Fair: Obtaining 30 hours of never-before-released tapes from the control room of NORAD's Northeast head-quarters, the author reconstructs the chaotic military history of that day—and the Pentagon's apparent attempt to cover it up.

"Subpoenaed by the commission during its investigation, the recordings have never been played publicly beyond a handful of sound bites presented during the commission's hearings. Last September, as part of my research for the film United 93, on which I was an associate producer, I requested copies from the Pentagon. I was played snippets, but told my chances of hearing the full recordings were nonexistent. So it was a surprise, to say the least, when a military public-affairs officer e-mailed me, a full seven months later, saying she'd been cleared, finally, to provide them."

"The signing of the Declaration of Independence took less coordination," she wrote.
(via cryptome)

U.S. military plans for combating U.S. civil insurrections

A leaked document dated 1 june 2007 from the Baghdad green zone states that the U. S. military has drawn up plans to redirect some troops stationed abroad for placement in the U.S.allegedly to combat domestic insurrections. Reported by TBR News July 16, 2007 and the Rumor Mill and a host of other sites. These FEMA prisons must filled somehow (see video).

According to the leaked report, the Pentagon command believes that such civil insurrections are not only a possibility but a very real probability in the event that the President and his advisors maintain their present course vis a vis the Iraqi war.

Is this credible? Yes, I think it is it is credible, but the document itself could be a forgery.