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'Flight 77's' Shadow in Citgo video?

I'd like to draw attention to a little-noted feature of the Citgo security video, seen in view "single pump side" camera 4, at 9:40:35 by camera timestamp. The view is looking south, takinf video at three frames per second. Two synched dark spots appear and disappear in the span of one frame.
A short video I did to help people see it. Please note this is not the best source for analysis, even lower resolution than the original video, and using slow-motion and cross-fade effects.

Believe it or not, there's good reason to believe these 'two dots' are the shadow cast by Flight 77 as it passed south of the Citgo.

Here's about what the camera was looking at. Site photos by John Farmer. The security camera was set higher and looking down at the surface of South Joyce Street there.