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Morgan Reynolds: special effects good, thermite bad

I normally let a little hypocrisy slide as we're all guilty of it occasionally. But I've recently read two articles by
Dr. Reynolds that I just can't seem to reconcile.

The first criticizes Dr. Jones' thermite theory because he believes thermite cannot account for the manner in
which the towers collapsed/vaporized. He further offers a cautionary word that if Jones' hunch turns out to
be wrong, the whole 911 truth movement will be discredited. This article was well written and compelling.

Now I've just gotten through reading another acticle, presumably also written by Reynolds, stating that
"WTC demolition is truth inviolate" and "in no danger of being discredited" by so-called no-plane theories.

I cannot understand how it is possible to hold simultaneously the views that a) the thermite theory is so shaky
that it could endanger 911 truth and b) that a good deal of evidence supports no-planes theories which, even if
proven false, could never endanger the "inviolate" truth of WTC demolition.

Dr. Reynolds is extremely well spoken and intelligent; I can only assume he's more concerned with being
right than he is with the truth.