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Sheen Challenges Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly

Charlie Sheen Issues Challenge to Critics On Alex Jones Show
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Kurt Nimmo
September 11, 2009

On the Alex Jones Show today, Charlie Sheen issued a challenge to discuss the facts of the September 11, 2001, false flag attacks and the requirement for a new investigation with Meghan McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly, all who have attacked Sheen in the wake of his “20 Minutes with the President” open letter to Obama.

John McCain’s oldest daughter appeared on ABC’s daytime talk show, The View, where she criticized Sheen. “Charlie Sheen is the latest celebrity to talk about how he does not believe 9/11,” said McCain. “I quoted Charlie Sheen yesterday about his experience with prostitutes, so really you’re the one I should be listening to about 9/11?… I am not going to take my political advice from Charlie Sheen.”

Please note the audio on this video is extremely low.

Sheen Demands, on Tape Obama Investigate 9/11

Charlie Sheen Demands Obama Reopen 9/11 Investigation In You Tube Clip

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Actor Charlie Sheen has followed up on his “20 Minutes With The President” letter by directly addressing President Obama in a You Tube clip to request he use his executive power to reopen the investigation into 9/11 and its aftermath.

On Tuesday, Sheen published a fictional account of a meeting with the President on radio talk show host Alex Jones’ and Prison websites in which Obama was confronted about what Sheen alleges is a cover-up surrounding 9/11. In his letter, Sheen requests a real meeting with Barack Obama.

Charlie Sheen, My 20 Minutes With The President (A open letter to Obama)

Twenty Minutes with the President

Editors Note: This interview didn't really happen... yet

Reported by Charlie Sheen
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, while he was out promoting his health care reform initiative. I requested 30 minutes given the scope and detail of my inquiry; they said I could have 20. Twenty minutes, 1200 seconds, not a lot of time to question the President about one of the most important events in our nation’s history. The following is a transcript of our remarkable discussion.

Charlie Sheen – Good afternoon Mr. President, thank you so much for taking time out of your demanding schedule.

President Barack Obama – My pleasure, the content of your request seemed like something I should carve out a few minutes for.

CS – I should point out that I voted for you, as your promises of hope and change, transparency and accountability, as well as putting government back into the hands of the American people, struck an emotional chord in me that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, perhaps ever.

How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

Martin Hill
Op-Ed News
Saturday, June 14, 2008

RELATED: Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder of anti-war activist

Radio host Michael Reagan made death threats against Mark Dice and 9/11 truthers. Show him that we will not stand for that. Demand the government prosecute.


How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice & 911 Truthers

By now we have all heard about the disgusting criminal act commited by talk show host Michael Reagan, who threatened the life of Mark Dice as well as all 9/11 truthers on his nationally syndicated radio show on June 10, 2008 in the second hour.

[See INFOWARS story here and youtube video here

Michael Reagan Wants to Kill Mark Dice/9/11 Truthers

Neocon Talkshow Host Michael Reagan Wants to Kill Mark Dice

June 13, 2008

San Diego, CA) Radio talk show host Michael Reagan is calling for the murder of political activist, Mark Dice, after hearing that Dice is mailing letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq. Reagan wants to pay for the bullets.

Audio link:

Transcript of Reagan’s statements:

“Excuse me folks, I’m going to say this. We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets.”

Reagan adds, “How about you take Mark Dice out and put him in the middle of a firing range. Tie him to a post, don’t blindfold him, let it rip and have some fun with Mark Dice.”

Dice is demanding that Reagan be fired immediately. “Calling for the murder of someone because you disagree with their political stance is absolutely unacceptable, un American, and possibly illegal,” says Dice.

Alex Jones To Have Dish Network TV Show

Digg it!: Alex Jones Moneybomb to fund cable TV Network Are your friends and family still asleep? Imagine being able to watch, on a dish network, at your friends house, all of the content found on and other like-minded minded organizations. Imagine the conversations that will occur after they see and hear some of the news they haven't been getting from the main stream... It is time to get Alex and others on the "tube" as we have only just begun to fight the InfoWars.

It is time to wake up America, here we come!

More here

Al-CIAda Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11

Al-CIAda Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Intelligence stooge unleashes another PR stunt on behalf of Neo-Cons

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Al-CIAda sock puppet Ayman al-Zawahiri was quoted in an audiotape released today accusing Iran of behind behind 9/11 conspiracy theories, in another crude public relations stunt designed to generate hostile opinion towards the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The tape had been promised three weeks ago by monitoring group IntelCenter, who have been caught in the past putting out fake and misleading "Al-Qaeda" material via the alleged media arm of the terrorist organization As-Sahab, and was finally released today.

The set-up revolved around Al-Zawahiri responding to questions submitted by the public via the Internet.

"One of the questioners asked about the theory that has circulated in the Middle East and elsewhere that Israel was behind the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon," reports the Associated Press.

Al-Zawahiri accused Hezbollah's Al-Manar television of starting the rumor.

Bhutto's Assassination! There is NO "Al Qaeda"! Osama is our "1984's Goldstein"!

Bhutto's Assassination! There is NO "Al Qaeda"! Osama is our "1984's Goldstein"! Bhutto's Death, and "The Shell Game"

by Bill Douglas Page 1 of 5 page(s)

When I was young, I saw what I thought was a silly bumper sticker, that now I realize was perhaps the most prophetic statement I’d ever read. The bumper sticker simply said, “Everything you know is WRONG!” SEE BELOW SHORT VIDEO TRAILER:

“Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.”

-- Wayne Madsen Report

Snoop Chief: Mohamed Atta Took Us by Surprise

Snoop Chief: Mohamed Atta Took Us by Surprise

Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
January 17, 2008

“The US Director of National Intelligence asserts that the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, were caused by weak domestic wiretapping laws,” David Edwards and Mike Sheehan write for Raw Story. “Vice Admiral Mike McConnell, former head of the National Security Agency who was appointed DNI in 2007 by President Bush, spoke today to a group of students in St. Mary’s City, Missouri, about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a federal statute that outlines procedures for electronic surveillance by the US intelligence community.”

According to McConnell, “alleged 9/11 conspirator Mohamed Atta” was able to pull of his dastardly deed because he was “invisible to your intelligence” after he entered the United States. “He’s now a US person,” said McConnell, with all the rights and privileges of ordinary American citizens.

Inside the US, McConnell continued, Atta would be “invisible to your intelligence community. As long he doesn’t break the law, law enforcement can’t conduct surveillance, [because] they don’t have probable cause.”

Taking the 'Booga Booga'engines to Warp factor 9

Taking the "Booga Booga" engines to warp factor 9
Senior U.S. intelligence officials tell ABC News new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here.
Posted Jul 10, 2007 10:42 PM PST

You mean THESE "Al Qaeda?" (nudge nudge wink wink)

Remember in summer 2001, when the media was constantly running stories about Osama bin Laden, "pre-selling" the designated villain prior to the attacks? This feels the same.