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What Is Happening To New York City?

(This is taken from an informational pamplet/flier for a demonstration today in New York City at City Hall Park, regarding the banning without permit of most filming and photography.)

If you are a Nyc resident, by now you are very likely aware of, and almost as likely felt the brunt of:

-Security checks, at times obtrusive to the points of "see-through screening", at practically every public building, and stadium, as well as at the Nyc Airports.

-Baggage checks on Subways.

-Security members following you around in stores and in public building.

-Heavy police presence often even in public parks and at free concerts,
sometimes acting soley as a intimidation/fear tactic.

-"Cages", at many public events, to stand in. Ranging from protests to concerts, to New Years Eve at Time Square, its abundant. "Free Speech Zones" shrinking America into little corners, and leaving the surrounding area with about as much freedom of speech, expression, and use of public land as the Soviet Union had.

-Closed Circuit t/v camera's watching your every move in buildings, and steadily increasing in neighbhorhoods and in the heart of the city.

Stepping Up For The Families Yet Another Way

On the cover of the New York Metro today, which I spotted when getting off at City Hall, was the title "WTC Boycott?". The topic of this article is Mayor Bloomberg's decision to move the ceremonies 2 blocks away from the World Trade Grounds, which has drawn obvious and widespread objection from the families. Their letters to him and the governor have been denied, and the mayor has stated he will not grant them the permit. Some families have begun talking boycotting the ceremonies, others seem prepared to go it at their desired location with or without permit. Obviously we do and need to support them in this.

Picking Up The Pace: A Suggestion Guide For The Next Month And A Half Part 1

We're just a month and a half from the perhaps the biggest moment in the history of this movement, and the biggest potentially positive moment this country has seen in a long long time, somehow entrenched in a very sad anniversary. I know many people have been doing the monthly actions, and many do actions at other times, as well..some weekly(or even more). I'd like to use this oppurtunity to suggest the following:

We have to create an overflow of momentum into the day. I think we have been building some momentum for quite some time, its safe to say, but what are we going to do to really tip the scale, so that the very moment we arrive at the Grounds, it can be the end of the reign for the criminals.

We need to show people the significance of this time, not just on one day, or even on one weekend. Of course we want and need to show it then. But much like an event that comes into town, and leaves, it won't have the same lasting effect unless its "40 days and 40 nights", in a sense.

Multiple WEEKLY Actions

Time to switch horses?

Well, honestly, how about staying or getting back on the horse that got us this far, the truth.

Its a danger to expend to much energy on any candidate. We understood just a year ago that we were our only hope. Somewhere along the way, somehow many were led to believe that a candidate could save us. What changed that part of the ideology for some of the 9/11 re-investigation community, i don't know. But i think we would be wise to:

a) readdress any significant relocated energies away from any candidate and back to getting truth and justice, helping save and improve the country and helping remove "the post-9/11" from the word world.

b) examine exactly who, if any, is the political horse(or pony?) fitting our support. Consider the following:

Mike Gravels' latest statement on 9/11, following his recent statement that it wouldn't hurt to have a new investigation, to Student Scholars for Truth: