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Gathering Group for Ground Zero for 911

Hi my name is Pete Gurdal
I want to get a group of 50 or more people together and go to Ground Zero on Sept 11
I live in Orlando so the bus would start in South Florida somehere near Miami and work its way up
getting people in Tampa Orlando and all the Major Places along 95 that we can pick up people
I went on another bus trip to fight for civil rights and I had a great time being with like minded and informed people

Please contact me at unityfor911truth@yahoo.com
Call me anytime at 407 456 1054

P.S. If anyone knows anyone in the Transportation industry that would let us have the bus and we pay for gas and drivers salaries
It would work out quite nicely. We would also need a person in the hotel business that would let us stay cheap in a hotel in New York or surrounding areas.

Contact me anytime
We can do this
Pete Gurdal