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Seekers of 911 Truth & Seekers of Money Truth


I am motivated to write this blog after hearing Peter talk on the Jack McLamb radio talk show at on Thursday, July 26, 2007 - wherein he related that bankruptcies in California are up 800% in 2007. This is proof positive that there's a serious design flaw in our orthodox system of usury-based economics.

It is my hope that the seekers for 911 Truth will co-operate with the seekers for Money Truth. It is clear that the design flaw of usury is the fifth column that feeds the globalists bankers and their ilk and starves the common people.

Let me explain. The globalist bankers who are the shadow government behind the so-called elected politicians are the creditors who lend money to the common people who are the debtors. Likewise the various levels of government and the corporations are debtors and also borrow money from the global bankers. In all cases it is the common people who are labouring to earn sufficient income to pay their monthly usury and taxes - and most of taxes goes straight to debt service with is correctly called usury.