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Glenn Greenwald inadvertently makes the case for 9/11 truth columnist Glenn Greenwald posted an article yesterday titled, U.N. Report finds Israel "summarily executed" U.S. citizen on flotilla, ( In the article, Greenwald addresses the obvious culpability of a party involved in a crime who destroys or withholds evidence pertaining to the crime, and then distributes its own edited version of the facts. Here is a direct quote, "In no other situation would a party to a conflict who steals all of the evidence, withholds it from the world, and then selectively releases its own blatantly distorted, edited version of a fraction of the evidence be trusted. The opposite is true: that party would immediately be assumed to be guilty precisely because of that very behavior of obfuscation; that behavior is the behavior of a guilty party." Greenwald is speaking about Israel in his article, but he could easily be referring to the U.S. government's similar actions with the available evidence and subsequent presentation of the facts pertaining to the attacks on 9/11.