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Just Trying to Make Sense of It All

I have been interested in 9/11 Truth for about three years now, but I have doubted the "official story" story since day one. The official story doesn't make sense to me. 19 Islamic terrorists with boxcutters hijack four planes...three of them crash into the WTC and the Pentagon and Flt. 93 crashes into the ground at Shanksville, PA. Now here is my question regarding the Pentagon. This is supposed to be the most heavily-guarded airspace on the planet. I'm supposed to believe that Hani Hanjour managed to evade all the radar and other monitoring systems and was able to hit the Pentagon--"luckily" right in the section that was being renovated at the time, so it was relatively empty. Now, does this sound funny to anyone else? Plus, Hanjour was supposed to pull off maneuvers that are supposedly only able to be performed by trained military pilots. I know the guy had a commercial pilot's license but a "top gun" he wasn't!