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I put this together -I don't know how it will be received. But if anyone wants to use it, please do.

This is a Fair use, non-profit, educational tool.

NIST Special Safety Announcement - Urgent Warning About Tall Buildings Post 911

A well put together satirical video from

Cointelpro, Provocateurs, Disinfo Agents

A brief history and some examples of how this has and is affecting the United States and people exercising their 1st amendment.(9/11 material towards end).



Conservative commentator, former Marine Colonel Bob Pappas has been saying for years that bin Laden died at Tora Bora and that Senator Kerry's claim that bin Laden escaped with Bush help was a lie. Now we know that Pappas was correct. Follow link for the rest of the story:

By Gordon Duff/STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist) by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright (c) 1997, 2000 All rights reserved
(Revised April 2000)

Built upon Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression by David Martin, the following may be useful to the initiate in the world of dealing with veiled and half-truth, lies, and suppression of truth when serious crimes are studied in public forums. This, sadly, includes every day news media, one of the worst offenders with respect to being a source of disinformation. Where the crime involves a conspiracy, or a conspiracy to cover up the crime, there will invariably be a disinformation campaign launched against those seeking to uncover and expose the truth and/or the conspiracy. There are specific tactics which disinfo artists tend to apply, as revealed here. Also included with this material are seven common traits of the disinfo artist which may also prove useful in identifying players and motives.

The Battle for Belief : A Sociologists Research in 9/11 Argumentation — by Michael Armenia

"Reason and experiment have been indulged, and error has fled before them. It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." --Thomas Jefferson


We are at war, and one of the most critical and dangerous frontline is not in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. Rather, it is the battleground within the human psyche. Individual and collective minds are waging psychological warfare in what promises to be one of the most intense struggles in American history, if not all of human history. How do we communicate the truth about the events of 9/11 to those who have been deceived by the operation and its cover-up in the media? Are logic, reason, and science enough?

New actual video released showing no plane hitting Pentagon

(I don't know if this is new footage, I believe this footage from the gas station from across the street is actually a year or more old -sbg)

9/11 Tyranny develops in the silence

Jim Kirwan

This government has made a deal with every man, woman and child in this country ­ it's a one-sided arrangement made at birth, and not open to discussion or negotiation. This needs to change.

The further down on the food-chain a person is, the greater is the share taken by the government from that individual's life. The irony is that very few people understand just how much this unseen but deeply felt arrangement, has come to shape both the quality and the depth within their individual lives.

In the case of 911 the record of inequality, between the public and the government is obscene. The public paid for protection from attacks, such as those on 911: Yet no protection was provided. Afterwards the government chose not to investigate and those responsible chose not to discipline themselves, so in the end the same people that allowed 911 to happen have been dictating US policies ever since. In some cases the guilty parties were actually promoted after they failed to do their jobs on 911, and that's just for starters. Did no one resent this sorry state of depleted leadership!

It's been six long years now and it's time to review the public record.

Still no Charges on Osama

Well, Of course we, (informed truthers), know why.


Google has just reset my views on both of my films. The 9/11 responder film had received at least 1147 views, up till yesterday. And my other film had 688 views or so. They are both down to a count of less than 50. Contact Google and tell them to stop censoring, or we are all in trouble.