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Six Years and Still Seeking Answer

It is coming up on the six year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in NY City, Wasghington D.C. and Shankesville, PA and today we still have no real truth from the Federal Government and I keep asking myself why this is?
After watching numerous documentaries and reading of various articles on the subject I can understand why the Feds don't really want to say why this tragedy occured on US soil not that I agree with their reasons but here my thoughts on it....
1) The US Government feels they can lie to we the American
people as they always have done in many incidents.
2) President Bush wants to look like a hero when in fact he
nothing but a big zero.
3) The Feds want us to think this was an act of terrorism
and in fact yes it was an act using hired guns to carry out
the mission and how ironic it was the Al-Queda that
carried it so the Feds could blame them instead of
being held responsible for I think they call that a cover-