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Another somewhat religious comment about 9/11

Yeah, I know ya heard this before or ya been down this path and it didn’t go anywhere, but the Truth really is out there and there are some important lessons to be gathered and even learnt (I like the irregular form of the verb) from such horrific events (almost earth-shaking) as 9/11. What does the Living God do when he is unhappy with you? The B-I-B-L-E is full of examples for good old Israel, if ya care to read a little good, similarly tragic history. Well, of course ya can now see the direction I’m going with this one. Yeah, that’s right! I think the Living God made a statement to all of us who happen to be Americans and even to others by way of example. America and democracy are not the hope of the world. Jesus IS! The financial capitol of America was successfully hit. It was allowed by the Living God. As it was/is (at least as of now) a very small, comparatively, wake-up call for this country to, among many other things, not to let money and the pursuit of its happiness become to important. Dare I use that word “REPENT” o my! There I said it. What will the intelligent people think?
So when ya are looking back and rightly remembering those who have fallen and the great loss and tragedy it was/is, remember also to fear the Living God and yes to love Him too. If ya do that America and anyone else who has ears to hear, then ya can say we have turned a great tragedy into a valuable lesson. Hopefully the president and future presidents will not try to save the world in our image.