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Pirates and Emperors - Liberty, Freedom & Justice or Might Makes Right

Well our
Story begins, you know, with old St. Augustine.
Way back in days of old he reported on this theme:
A mighty emperor had caught himself a pirate who
Was a-terrorizin' people who were sailin' on the open seas.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT: What meanest thou by keeping hostile possession of the sea?

PIRATE: What meanest thou by seizing the whole earth; because I do it with a petty ship, I'm called a robber, whilst thou who dost the same with a great fleet art styled emperor.

NARRATOR: And old St. Augustine thought that was a pretty smart answer!

'Cause there are
pirates and emperors, but they're really the same thing
When they go and try to reach the same ends
By using the same means.
Well they do it big
or they do it small
From a little tiny boat,

McCain explains Sunni/Shiite 'confusion': Al-Qaeda 'not necessarily just Sunni'

McCain explains Sunni/Shiite 'confusion': Al-Qaeda 'not necessarily just Sunni'

David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Wednesday April 9, 2008

Sen. John McCain, defending his recent troubles differentiating between the two major branches of Islam, suggested today that the terror network al-Qaeda encompasses both Sunni and Shi'a.

When asked today by a Fox News host about recent gaffes in which he confused Sunnis and Shiites, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee smiled, shook his head and replied, "I've been to Iraq eight times, I know the leaders, I know the situation on the ground, I know that Sunni and al-Qaeda are closely tied... The question I was asking and the question that needs to be answered is, How widespread is al-Qaeda's influence in the region as well as in Iraq?

"I believe that al-Qaeda does a lot of things," McCain continued, "including with organizations and parts of the populations that are not necessarily just Sunni." McCain did not elaborate.

Ludicrous Hit Piece Attacks Ventura On WTC Collapse Comments

Ludicrous Hit Piece Attacks Ventura On WTC Collapse Comments

Radio host spews outright falsehoods, cites discredited reports to smear former Governor

Debunking 9/11 Myths - Foreword Writer, GOP Presidential Nominee's Temper

EDIT - Pls Excuse the Language, it is in the original article and Exposes the Candidate's Morality & Character.

Book: McCain temper boiled over in '92 tirade, called wife a 'cunt' Nick Juliano

US: Sept. 11 not a pretext to invade

US: Sept. 11 not a pretext to invade

Wed, 09 Apr 2008 12:52:51

(See: Iranian President Ahmadinejad: US used September 11 as 'pretext' for invasions )

"We went into Afghanistan because that's where the attack originated. We went after al-Qaeda, we went after the Taliban. Afghanistan was a failed state," Sean McCormack noted.

Commenting on the reasons for invading Iraq, McCormack dismissively remarked that the issue has been discussed at length and the reasons for invading Iraq are clearly understood.

Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam (On FOX - Hannity & Colmes)

Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam

Jesse ‘The Mind’ Defends Questions About Towers’ Telling Collapse on Hannity & Colmes and National Talk Radio Programs: "How can two planes bring down three buildings?"

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | April 8, 2008

Former Governor Jesse Ventura broke through enemy lines yesterday, exposing major inconsistencies with the official 9/11 story and holding his own against some of mainstream media’s most disingenuous hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Opie & Anthony from XM Satellite radio.

Ventura’s notoriety as a fiercely independent upstart may have kept Hannity, for one, from playing his usual dirty tricks.

Guess who is the world's newest financier of terrorism?

Bern: Iran gas deal, our decision to make
Tue, 08 Apr 2008 20:02:47

"Guess who is the world's newest financier of terrorism? SWITZERLAND" read the banner of the Jewish group's full-page advertisement that appeared in the International Herald Tribune, the leading Swiss financial daily Neue Zuercher Zeitung and Geneva daily Le Temps Tuesday.

The ad also displays the complaint lodged by Israel against Switzerland over the gas deal.

President Ahmadinejad's Letter to Bush May 2006 questioning 911

....Mr President,

September Eleven was a horrendous incident. The killing of innocents is deplorable and
appalling in any part of the world. Our government immediately declared its disgust with the
perpetrators and offered its condolences to the bereaved and expressed its sympathies.
All governments have a duty to protect the lives, property and good standing of their citizens.
Reportedly your government employs extensive security, protection and intelligence systems
– and even hunts its opponents abroad. September eleven was not a simple operation. Could it
be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services – or
their extensive infiltration? Of course this is just an educated guess. Why have the various
aspects of the attacks been kept secret? Why are we not told who botched their
responsibilities? And, why aren’t those responsible and the guilty parties identified and put
on trial? ......

Full Letter Below.

The Video Clip: Jesse Ventura on 911 Truth with Alex Jones - Radio Interview

Former Governor Ventura,

It's time to team up with Willie Nelson, Daniel Sunjata etc and hold some serious PUBLIC EVENTS DEMANDING A NEW INVESTIGATION.

A Reminder: We Are Here Today........

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones at American Scholars Symposium

About This Video

This is the speech Charlie Sheen gave at the American Scholars Symposium in Los Angeles on June 24th 2006. He gives a motivating speech to the group of 1200 seats who flew to the symposium from places as far as australia, germany, canada, and people who drove there from as far away as new york. This meeting was about 911 truth and the Neo Con agenda. Scientists, physicists, ex-cia, ex-fbi, ex-military, and people of all walks of life showed up to discuss how to save America. How to stop the bill of right and constitution from being completely ignored. Stop america from becoming a dictatorship. Stop the news and media from ignoring the truth and backing up the lies.

Why the Double Standards? Can't We Hold Our Congressional Representatives to Full Accountability?

Please look at both these videos and ask yourself if there are any Double Standards.

Alex Jones Smacks Down a 9/11 Kool-Aid Drinker

Ron Paul @ Fox Debate Pt.2 1-10-08

This is not a personal attack on Alex Jones or Ron Paul even though I believe many may miscontrue my statements or intentions.

I just want to get matters Clarified and get to the Truth as I am sure we all will like to.

The following are my comments.

Further Reading for Ed Koch

Further Reading for Ed Koch

Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
March 28, 2008

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks

FBI Focusing on 'About Four' Suspects in 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Friday, March 28, 2008

By Catherine Herridge and Ian McCaleb,2933,342852,00.html

WASHINGTON — The FBI has narrowed its focus to "about four" suspects in the 6 1/2-year investigation of the deadly anthrax attacks of 2001, and at least three of those suspects are linked to the Army’s bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick in Maryland, FOX News has learned.

Among the pool of suspects are three scientists — a former deputy commander, a leading anthrax scientist and a microbiologist — linked to the research facility, known as USAMRIID.

The FBI has collected writing samples from the three scientists in an effort to match them to the writer of anthrax-laced letters that were mailed to two U.S. senators and at least two news outlets in the fall of 2001, a law enforcement source confirmed.

The anthrax attacks began shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, further alarming a nation already reeling from the deaths of 3,000 Americans. Five people were killed and more than a dozen others were infected by the deadly spores in the fall of 2001.