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9-11 An Inside Job? No way!

If you start telling someone about 9-11, there are three possibilities. Of course, it depends on which version you are talking about. For those of us who have tried to explain that 9-11 is more than the official story, we get to sentence number two, if we are lucky.
- NO WAY!! Are you totally out of your mind?!”
- But why do you think that…
- No! I don’t want to hear about it. It`s sick.
- Have you seen 9-11…
- Yes. I have seen it, read about it and I know what happened.
- …Press For Truth, I ment
- What is that?
- It’s a film about 9-11 and…
- Yeah, right! Conspiracy shit.

And that’s usually the end of discussion. The next possibility is a softer experience, but maybe more demoralizing.
- Oh, really? You think so? (looks confused and raising an eyebrow)
- Well, listen……………………….

Your selling your story about put-options, PDB on 6tf of August, controlled demolitions, steel-framed high-rise buildings, Mohamed Atta`s passport (maybe interrupted by “Who`s Atta?”), trillion dollar military systems not working, cell phone calls in high altitude, Hani Hanjour`s Top Gun maneuver, and the Pentagon videos.

New 9/11 forum

Although its a lot of 9/11 forums already, we hope you want to participate with your comments in this Norwegian one!
American views on this subject are, of course, very much appreciated!

Hope to see some of you!