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Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

19 August 2009

John Key's comments during an interview on 10/08/09 on tvnz 1. The idea of explosive devices being used on 9/11 is considered a conspiracy theory by the cowardly mainstream media, who's interest's prevent them from publicising declassified documents such as Operation Northwoods, which prove the intent of western governments to engineer falseflag terror events.

Thanks to tvnz and Loose Change Final cut for footage
Intro and final comments by Will Ryan

Fort Detrick disease samples may be missing

Fort Detrick is where, some people believe AIDS virus was 'created' and had some connection with that anthrax incidents happened right after 9/11.

Don't know what kind of 'samples' are missing this time...
But surely, this is not a good news.

Will this investigation achieve its goal?
Or will it fail just like the 9/11 Commission and so many others?

Fort Detrick disease samples may be missing
Originally published April 22, 2009
By Justin M. Palk
News-Post Staff

9/11: Facts & Questions

Japanese "Lie Detector" debunks the official story of 9/11

Akira Doujimaru, one of the co-authors of Councillor. Yukihisa Fujita's new book on 9/11 has created a website both in Japanese and English, to debunk the official story!

Akira says he's not a truther but rather a LIE DETECTOR!, says his English is not flawless, but he's hoping to wake up more citizens around the world.

Please check it out and tell others!!

Aussie radio, "Lowie vs America" talked about WTC7

Yesterday, as I was driving, STAR FM Gippsland/Melbourne Southeast was on cause that's what my little one listens to nowadays instead of Kids FM.

And there was a corner called "Lowie vs America." This Aussie guy reporting from the USA, and he was in NYC.

He interviewed a few people on street about that "9/11 conspiracy theory" especially focusing on WTC7. It was all right -- some expressing the doubt but then he had a firefighter chief coming on, saying all the firefighters he knows deny it.

And yet, Lowie ended that corner saying something like, "Well, you determine it yourself. Go and check!"

So, if listeners go and see what that site has to say, they could see through the lie all right!!

Thank you Lowie!!
And please express your "Thanks!" to him from here.

11th Day Action in Melbourne on Sunday April 12, 2009

We've been doing our 11th Day Action ever since November 2007. ;O)
We even made "Ask me about 9/11" badges with messed up DVDs!

My daughter's

and mine,

I put mine on my "Investigate 911" cap that I bought in NYC last September on the side, and it's been working really well like, to get others' attention, or start conversation with strangers. Using a DVD was a real good idea cause it's BIG, so easily catch others' eyes.

Anyway, this month's action will take place(as usual) from around 12noon, at corner Swanston and Burke.

Bring along any flyers, banners, DVDs and CD-ROMs to wake up more citizens!!
And let's sing this loud and clear together. ;O)

Councillor Fujita publishes a book on 9/11!!

Councillor Fujita, along with three Japanese 9/11 Truthers is publishing a book on 9/11 Truth!!

Titled "Questioning 9/11 Terror at the National Diet - Can Obama USA Change?," Mr. Fujita presents numerous unanswered questions on 9/11 in order to wake up more Japanese citizens.

If you have friends or family members in Japan, please let them know about this book. will start taking orders shortly.

And tell them about this blog:

P.S. I was truly honored to be one of the co-authors here.

9/11 Family Advocate Beverly Eckert a Passenger in Buffalo Airliner Crash

9/11 Family Advocate Beverly Eckert a Passenger in Buffalo Airliner Crash

Peaceful Tomorrows extends our heartfelt condolences to the family of Beverly Eckert, tragically killed in the Buffalo plane crash on Thursday, February 12th, and to all the families who have lost loved ones in this disaster. Beverly's husband, Sean Rooney, was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.

Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD

And what's the crime he committed?

Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD

A MAN sought by the UK authorities for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice by sending a controversial DVD to a judge and jury foreman during a trial relating to bomb attacks in London in July 2005 has appeared before the High Court after being arrested in Co Meath.

Sheffield-born Anthony John Hill (60) was arrested by gardaí at his home in Carrick Street, Kells, early yesterday morning on foot of a European Arrest Warrant, Mr Justice John MacMenamin was told.

Mr Hill’s extradition is being sought in relation to his alleged actions during the trial of several people on conspiracy charges related to the attacks on July 7th, 2005, that took place on the London underground and a London bus.

It is alleged that, in May and June 2008, Mr Hill sent several copies of a DVD entitled 7/7 Ripple Effect to the judge and the foreman of a jury at the trial at Kingston Crown Court of people allegedly involved in assisting the 2005 bombings.

Unlike the action in NYC,

Unlike NYC, it was just me alone in Melbourne this month cause my daughter was at a party.

This was my 14th "11th Day Action" on 14th of December(sorry I don't have any photos of the day) ever since I started doing it in November 2007.

It took me four and half hours to distribute 400 flyers and 100~150DVDs/CD-Roms(mixed),
and that's extra TWO hours compared with our regular action!

Well, that proves she does a great job! though she can be a pain in the neck...

A few called me nuts etc, but when one guy was shouting after grabbing my flyer only to throw it away, another young woman approached me, getting the flyer off my hand and said to me, "Just ignore him!" and walked away. ;O)

Also one guy was very friendly, and he knew it was an inside job.

At the end of the conversation, he asked me direction.
Then I found out he was from the Netherlands, so I said to him,
"Well done, Danny Jowenko!" and he laughed.

Another one from Perth, WA was wondering if he's going to do this action by joining the truthers there.
I think he was wondering if he'd get arrested or killed by being a truther, so I told him what I think.

Describing Bush in a Word - Incompetent

In the final year of his presidency, even as his approval rating steadily declined to historic lows, most Americans continued to say Bush's anti-terror policies deserve at least a fair amount of credit for preventing more terror attacks.

Framing Pakistan

December 1, 2008
Framing Pakistan.

I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment".

Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said.

The Mumbai attacks add an extra confirmation to my hypothesis.

The first thing the Western Media and the Indian government did, while the fights were still raging, was to point an accusatory finger at Pakistan - including guess who ? Patrick Cockburn, the "firebrand" Mullah Sadr, lover.

For those of you who have been following the news, Pakistan for the past 4 months or so has witnessed an escalation of US air force attacks on it, in particular in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Another sign so-called left guided by spooks and never deals with the core issue

If all the citizens on earth properly recognize the fact that those in power carry out false flag operations to start wars, which has been repeated over and over again in history that they never teach us at schools, we the people in the world can stop all wars!!

That's the last thing they want us to know.
That's why they send spooks all over the place, giving out misinformation, confuse us, and mislead so-called lefties or activists so that people power will be wasted along with their/our time, energy and resources.

When they cannot BUY, they INFILTRATE.

And the rest will follow meekly without questioning.
That's another thing they TAUGHT us at schools.

How pathetic...

Leave 9/11 conspiracy theories for other sites
December 1, 2008 - 4:29pm.

A blog post advocating a conspiracy theory involving the U.S. government in the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been removed.

This web site will not be used, I say again will NOT BE USED to advance such theories.

The topic is off-limits. The decision is final and is not subject to debate.

Second International Conference on 9/11 Truth in Tokyo with David Ray Griffin!

DRG arrived Japan!

with my good old friend Yumi Kikuchi who's holding the


Let's sing this song loud and wake up more citizens around the world!


BTW, has anyone taped and uploaded the performance at the Now or Never event in NYC on 12th last month?