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Busted, Again Bush is Two Times a Criminal

For the second time in two months, a federal court has ruled that the president is in violation of the Constitution. This time it's a federal court in Detroit that has ruled that President Bush has violated the Fourth Amendment against illegal search and seizure for his order to the National Security Agency to monitor the phone and Internet messages of Americans without bothering to obtain a court order based upon probable cause.
The first time, it was the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in late June that the president had violated the Constitution by asserting he had the power to ignore the Third Geneva Convention on Treatment of Prisoners of War-a treaty formally signed into law by the U.S. and made an integral part of the U.S. Criminal Code.
The important thing about these two rulings--and it is a point that the complicit mainstream media have shied away from mentioning--is that they both are declaring the president to be a criminal. That is, he has been found in the first case to be in criminal violation of the Constitution, as well as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, and in the second, he has been found to be in violation of U.S. and International Law.

Looking into what gets little attention

I have been turned into a 9/11 truther only 6 months ago,but I learned a few things..ok lots..about deceptions of this current government. Needless to say,I am still getting an education on the meaning of psy-ops,because the deceptions that can be put out there is incredible. So as this goes along with the more info I come cross,there is also more info that is useless in getting to the WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. The useless info is meant to mislead,deceive, make us argue so that We may not see if one or the other's point is meant to do just that. There are people out there who have infiltrated these movements,since 9/11 was a well executed plan,then there also has to be the complete coup on the net.The MSM is complicit.That leaves the net to infiltrate and mislead as many as possible.Hell,when you live in an empire and the empire has a large security agency,a large intelligence agency,and been doing deceptions for many years,then there is no reason to be surprised. I believe Nico Haupt is on the right track. The NSA has been relatively passed over,and that is where Hayden came from. I think looking here is worth doing and won't be a waste of time.