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911 related illness

Does anyone have any information relating to illnesses from ground zero exposure sufferred by people who work near the wtc site. I, for one was present for the collapses and was called back to work on 9/12/01. Although I never stepped directly on the pile of rubble, I was within two city blocks of it until the end of November of 01. It is now more than 5 years later and I still suffer from chronic sinus infection, gastric reflux and post traumatic stress syndrome.

Buildings mined

Has anyone out there heard that buildings that house Govt. offices of NSA, CIA, NSC etc. are routinely mined with explosive charges to bring them down if their security is compromised as in time of war, to keep sensitive and.classified information out of the hands of an enemy? I heard that speculation several times. I believe that all three buildings in the WTC complex did have Govt. offices in them. Would the fires have set them off, or would someone have set them off on purpose. It's an interesting question, and the answers would probably be even more interesting.

911 today show re broadcast

On 9-11 2006 MSNBC re broadcast the entire live Today show from 9-11-01. During the last hour or so of the re broadcast, the reporter on the ground at the scene made two separate comments about secondary explosions. One comment he attributed to a Fire Dept. official whom he named and quoted. The second one was a policeman out in front of the Stuvyesant H.S. . My tape ran out before these statements were made. Do any of you have the name of the FDNY Official who was quoted? It may be very interesting to see what these people have to say today.