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Just 2 of the reasons I don't believe the government story

Naval Air Station Fallon, NV is approximately 40 miles east of Reno and anybody in Naval or Marine Corps aviation has been there more times than they'd care to remember, usually in detachments lasting 2 weeks. We started our weapons detachment about the time a Marine AV-8B Harrier squadron was leaving, but since one aircraft needed a starter, they left a maintenance crew to fend for themselves. The starter arrived a few daze later and the crew was able to set it into the fuselage and reassemble the airplane, as the wing section had to be removed to facilitate this maintenance evolution. They towed it out to the flight line and started low power engine run up when the governor in the starter failed and it came apart, taking bits and pieces of the airplane along for the ride. All operations were ceased from that moment and everybody was instructed to go out to the line and pick up Harrier parts, as they were everywhere. Our squadron was split in half and working 24 on & 24 off, my half was off, but the duty crew made certain we heard every sordid detail, including the officers on their hands and knees with flashlights.

My theory

After reading about the Mossad, I have concluded the pulling down of the WTC was their operation and it had achieved the desired result: it got Saddam out of the picture. They fooled us into bombing Libya for them when none of the other nations in Europe believed their fake radio transmissions. This is where a former Mossad agent, Viktor Ostrovsky told of how the Libyan deception was accomplished and how he was told Iraq was next. After reading Ostrovsky's book, "By Way of Deception", and learning how they manage to trick the gullible into doing their dirty work, it wouldn't surprise me if Mossad agents convinced those characters who hijacked those airliners to do what they did. It would surprise me even less to discover that those were Mossad instructors at the flight school to make certain they knew how to pilot the aircraft. The Mossad doesn't represent Israel any more than the CIA represents the United States of America and what's worse is they answer to nobody.

The only real fly in the ointment is Israel may be blackmailing our government. They were listening in on Bill and Monica during their phone sex sessions and he called Monica to tell her a foreign government was monitoring their phone calls. This is very probably the reason the US government can't vote against Israel at the UN. the way Israel attacked the USS Liberty with the intent of sinking the ship with all hands and then claiming it was a mistake was bad enough, but the US government supported Israel and not the surviving crew members from a ship of their own Navy. While that incident may not be directly related to 9/11, it does show a failure of our own government and how it knuckles under to Israeli pressure.