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Whither the Scholars?

Whither have the scholars for 911 truth gone? Of all the inquiry Sites, they are one of the most important.

Yet if you click on the link to Scholars for 911 Truth, or type in their website you will find something completely different.

Given the importance of this Site to the movement, I thought I should let you all know!

911 Truth - and Debate - Grows in Norway

Just as my like-minded bloggers, I am now regularly subject to pejorative comments in my Norwegian blog. It may therefore come as a surprise to note that I was not the f**** conspiracy nut I am accused of being before last Summer.

Like many, I had accepted the official conspiracy theory without question. My interest in 911 came as I began to write about Peak Oil, in my oil blog CQD - named after the old distress call said to have been sent by the Titanic. It was through that subject that, reading the thoughts of Michael C. Ruppert, and I realized that there might be more to the issue than I first had appreciated. So I began looking at all the videos like Loose Change, and at some point I knew that whatever the truth - we had not been told the truth.

CQD began covering 911. Other Norwegian "oil bloggers" went through a similar process, and by the end of the year you would have a hard time deciding whether CQD, and its rivals The Age of Oil is Over with War on Your Mind were about Peak Oil at all... or whether 911 was our main concern. I think that what it shows is that the issue is growing in importance.

Cars On Fire

Like many others, I am saddened by the internal wrangling of the 911 Truth Movement. It is a shame. We should be focussing on what we agree upon: that we refuse to accept the official theory, and demand a new genuinely independent inquiry.

Furthermore, I have been highly sceptical to the claims of "space weapons", and think that Dr Jones' work so far explains the collapse of the towers far better. HOWEVER I am drawn to the issue of the burnt out cars today, by Jim Fetzer.

Can anybody confirm this? Never mind about the cars near the WTC. What about the burn out wrecks on the FDR Drive. Is this true? If so, how in the ****** could this have happened?

Perhaps alternative explanations, however bizarre, need to be examined.

What We Saw...

Having this last weekend looked at the new video "911 What We Saw" (comes up on google video if you search this), there are several interesting points that need making.

1. Without any question there is a third plane. We already knew of course, but this video clearly documents an unidentified plane. From other videos we know that this was circling the towers during the two attacks. It surprises me that not more is being made of this fact. The implication is that this plane is watching, and co-ordinating the attacks.

2. The smoke rising lower down, already documented by 911 Eyewitness (the Richard Siegel film), is confirmed here albeit at a poor angle. If you look below the lowest visible reenforced elevator floor, a few floors below this (look at the lower and darker builder behind, not the outline of the South Tower) you can clearly see whisps of dust and smoke from the corner of the North Tower. This can be seen BEFORE the second impact. Furthermore, it is not completely at street level... so whatever it is must be coming from the tower itself rather than anything blown up from the street below where the air is clear.

3. Important parts of this video appear to be missing. Immediately before the first collapse, we appear to see an explosion at street level. Unfortunately, this has been clipped, and we go straight into the dust clouds from the collapse itself. It the footage of this explosion is still waiting unedited, somewhere, we ought to be shown it!

The Enigma of The Fires

Has anyone here carefully watched the new video footage of the Twin Towers, mostly from the perspective of the North Tower? I refer to the "What We Saw" home movie that has just been put on the net.
This clearly shows that contrary to what some 911 Truth people have said, that the fire worsens rapidly - very far from going out. Given that I don't live in New York, I am guessing that the side of the building I am speaking of is the Western face of the tower - but anyhow, you can see the gaping hole (think that is the North face) and when the video starts only a few puffs of smoke on this Western face (forgive me if you know it not to be West, I as said don't live in New York).
Anyhow, the rapid progression of the fire is easily seen by watching this Western face. Indeed it begs more questions than it answers. The whole tower above the damaged section is soon smoking, and we see smoke coming out even at the roof area. Now I just don't understand how the fire spread so rapidly from the damage some 15 floors down, all the way up to the top. Can someone explain this to me? By the time that the South Tower collapses (we see only the enormous dust clouds on this) the whole North Tower is a black smoking wreck above the damage, and there are areas of very fierce burning flames - on the face that at the beginning was outwardly least affected by what had happened.
Another point of interest is just before the collapse of the South Tower, the camera points to street level, where the existance of smoke is documented. Unfortunately the collapse of the South Tower becomes the focus of the cameraman's attention, and the lens turns to the dust clouds from that.
The existance of another third aeroplane is clearly documented in this footage too, not just the police helicopter, so this video is very interesting from that perspective.
Anyhow to summarise. This video appears to contradict the 911 Truth claim that the fires in the towers "were almost out", but on the other hand, how in heaven's name did these conflarations spread so quickly through the floors? What do we make of the dust at street level before the collapse of the first tower, and what is the third aeroplane.
Finally, though I am not sure of its real importance, the lady making the video seems to think that the second plane was a military plane. Now that is interesting. Why would she think that? This is the first time I have anyone suggest this, but this is an eyewitness while the thing was happening. That indeed is a very interesting comment.

Let's Get On To CNN or Fox

After my blog post yesterday, I was asked by one commentator to link to the video I described. I thought that it was well known in the 911 Truth Movement.
However, I am more than happy to do so. The web page is and the video (in several formats) can be found at
I repeat. What is important here is the existance, or claimed existance, of video footage that the anchor could see but that we could not. If it shows what he claimed, then about ten minutes before the North Tower went the same way as the South already had done, ALL the top floors of the tower had collapsed. I may have made a mistake, and the chanel may have been Fox, however regardless of who is speaking CNN/or Fox did not, therefore, believe that the North Tower would last much longer.
This video was not shown to the public, and as far as I am aware I have never seen it. Yet listen to what the LIVE footage says. I would start listening at about 1000, and the anchor makes the claim at 10:21 saying "I think Rick is not as clear as WE are that the upper floors of Tower One of the World Trade Centre have collapsed completely". This is even claimed earlier:

Call On CNN To Release Footage

I have today watched the Last Chance 911 Timeline film, which traces the events from the first plane to the collapse of the last tower.

At approximately 10:19 CNN's footage speakes of a vantage that they have that others do not. Though they do not show it, they claim to be looking at footage from a helicopter.

What is interesting, and I should say of huge importance to the 911 Truth Movement, is their claim that - this ten minutes or so before the North Tower goes the same way as the South Tower already has - they can see what "we" cannot. From the helicopter, they can see that ALL THE TOP FLOORS OF THE NORTH TOWER have collapsed. They conclude it probably might not last much longer.

I would ask you all to get a hold of the Last Chance 911 Timeline, and listen for this claim. Then I would call upon CNN, and ask everyone to make the same request of CNN, to release the helicopter video in question.

You would think, for those who follow the official story, that they would have released this straight away, since if it shows what is claimed, it would clearly show much greater structural damage to the tower than we have hitherto reckoned with.

SHAME on you Scholars for 911 Truth!

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. The proliferation of websites and blogs covering the 9/11 issue is a great testament: whatever else may not be known, it is certain that the official explanation has been found wanting, and the world wants a new independent enquiry into what did happen that day. I am therefore very saddened that people who should know better, start fighting themselves instead of our common enemy. To read the dialogue between the founder of 911 Scholars for Truth and Steven Jones is utterly depressing. Furthermore it is unworthy, and I have to say that poor old Stephen Jones, who has done so much for 911 Truth (at much personal cost to himself too) does not deserve the sort of acrimony meted out to him here. Yet I don't want to get into the argument. Why are we fighting ourselves? Furthermore, regardless of whether you believe that an alien from Planet Zog zapped the Twin Towers with a super secret beam of energy, or whether you believe that some sort of explosives brought them down - by the government or WHOMEVER - is not our common cause that we reject the official explanation of 911, and demand a new independent enquiry into the issue? At that every hypothesis, however outrageous, can be examined on its own merits. I am sure that those whom we should be fighting, whosoever were the perpetrators of the atrocities that day, are rejoicing over our disunity. Shame on you!Yell

Truth Movement Make Or Break?

911 blogger is nearly my browser's Home Page. Only for practical reasons have I not made it so (I do have other interests, and like to be able to navigate to these from the Home Page).
That said, 911 blogger is a firm favourite. I visit the Site every day, and it is often the first Site I look at when turning on my computer. As is clear from the hits to the Site, interest in 911 is enormous. Like many who browse the Internet trawling for 911 news and media, I am now firmly convinced that there are many unanswered questions (that to put it mildly). I therefore am not in need of any further "proof", and come here to see where we go from here.
That however maybe the deciding factor, whether the 911 Truth Movement live or die. Fine, now we number millions by all accounts. Yet the questions that have been posed, and the finger of suspicion that has now been pointed at the US administration, need following up. Let me be generous to Mr Bush and Cheney: if one can put oneself in their boots, and they were not implicated in anyway despite what has been suggested, it would still be in their interest to make damnd certain that there were a new independent enquiry. If it were me (and I had not been involved) I should be so indignant about what people were suggesting that I would want to clear my name!
If we now have the situation where millions of people believe that there were official involvement - and it does not really matter whether that be LIHOP or MIHOP - then the big question is what now? What are we going to do about this?
If the answer to that is "nothing", then I fear that the 911 Truth Movement will as one of today's blog entries suggested, begin to die out. Even were it ultimately proven and one day written about that the US Administration were guilty of wrong doing, that will be only one black mark of many that both they and many others have made in the sordid annals of history.
So what now? Where do we go from here?

Bah Humbug and Ad Hominem Attacks!

My primary interest is not in 911 at all. It is Peak Oil - and Peak Oil from a Norwegian viewpoint. Since July, I have regularly blogged about it at However, it became apparent to me that the Peak Oil and the 911 were two sides of the same thing.
Consequently the question of 911 has come up in my blog. Indeed it has been mentioned in two other prominent Norwegian blogs that also concentrate on Peak Oil. The response from our readers brings out the worst in people. They can get very angry about the issue (just as they can with Peak Oil, though even more so).
Yesterday (23rd September), my blog entry was about the Thomas-Scott Affadavit. To me the idea that the Twin Towers might not have been so structurally sound as we all thought, and that this would have led to a financial catastrophe is one of the more interesting things to come out in recent months. Obviously, Thomas-Scott's claims must now at some point be tested, preferably in a Court of Law, and if true this raises a whole load of new questions.

Is There Literally A Spirit Behind The 911 Truth Movement?

There is much to be depressed about with regard to the entire 911 story. If that were also a pretext for war, you might justifiably be cynical too.
Yet amid all the gloom must you be religious to wonder what great force is at work bringing truth out - against (what at first must be said to have been) all odds? Am I the only one who has noticed that there is something really different going on right now? It is almost as though there were some higher power at work that is propelling the truth movement almost everywhere at the same time.
To give you an example of what I mean, nobody asked me to start researching 911. It was not even one of those "coincidences" either that got me suddenly downloading material like a madman.
Indeed given that my father passed away a little over a month after 911, I associate that tragedy - which I myself thank God was not involved in - with that particular time in my life. Given too the Great Twins' iconic status, and the fact that they were constructed when I was growing up, at a time when (as Team Twin Towers) aptly put it man walked on the moon, I have consequently come to associate those icons with the time before my father's death and my childhood. Yet that is but a subjective personal association of interest but to myself.
The demise of the Great Twins was nevertheless a before and after event for us all. We know that somehow the world has changed, forever. It has become acceptable to be spied on by CCTV cameras, all in the interests of security, and I am sorry to say that such cameras now meticulously watch the movements of every child at the school I grew up in. I am glad I no longer live there. Whatever has changed our world, we know that it began to change on 911.