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The CRACK, heard round the world {

Congradulations To Richard Gage and friends for cracking the IRON shell of the 911 truth Egg! The Egg, Where all the corruption festers about to be exposed. The article in the Washington post regarding AE911 truth has "Cracked the Egg". It's rekindled my sprit to help spread the Egg apart so the dirtbags can spill out onto the frying pan..

I found that the Post article makes people reseptive to at least looking at the truth. I hope everybody is contacting the local newspapers and asking them to do a follow up on the Post story. Now is the time to pour it on. I'm gonna print more signs yes...signage....sinage....sinage. Attached is my latest sign.

Support Liberty, be Honorable.

Peace and God Bless

Waking up the public

I had an Idea that I thought I'd pass along. If we as a 911 truth community could put the words "911 inside job" everywhere. Maybe it will sink in to the brain of the hypnotized public. They might start to pay attention and see the truth for what it is. How this can be done on the cheap with out defacing public property or causing any damage at all?

So many smoking guns

If anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence looked at any of the the data regarding 9/11 they would certainly see that there are smoking guns all over the place.
I will make an observation using percentages regarding the second tower collaspe.
How did 20% of the mass crush to dust 80% of the mass, when half of the 80% mass is 60% stronger than the 20% mass? Absolutely Impossible without the use of explosives. Smoking gun!

Other smoking guns.

Liquid metal...22 Cal. Smoking gun!

The 9/11 commissions "Assumptions and opinions report" Backed up by MIT's assumptions, opinions and make believe. 9mm Smoking gun!

Popular science's “opinions, assumptions and make believe”. Smoking 22 Cal. rifle!

Silence by the media and the complicity of Congress. Smoking anthrax!

The countless video reports of explosions. Smoking 38 special!

Wtc7. Smoking flare gun!

Trade towers reduced to dust. Smoking 44 magnum!

The Pentagon couldn't protect "The Pentagon" or anybody else for that matter. Smoking missile!

Laws of physics broken (see picture*). Smoking Bazzooka!

Scientific proof thermite was used. Smoking BFG 9000!!!!!!