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The last acquitted by the Supreme Court in Spain denies that the Leganés group committed Madrid Bombinbs

Note: 11-M is what is used in Spanish for the madrid bombings.
In Leganes the supposed terrorists alledgidly blew themselves up after the bombings when the police were at their door (one policeman died).
Italic text are my notes.
Translated by yours truly for
Orignial article:

MADRID .- First they said that he and his brother Moutaz were the brains of 11-M. Later, he was sentenced to 12 years and, last July, the Supreme Court acquitted him. Today he speaks for the first time in the newspaper El Mundo and considers that he and his family have become "the other victims of the 11-M" and that the confidants know much more about the attacks.

On July 17th he received the good news in the prison in Alicante that the Supreme Court was acquitting him of all charges and that he was a free man. This is an excerpt from the interview.

  • "If it were true that those who were on that floor had killed 192 people, how could they become friendly terrorists and wait until the entire building was cleared to commit suicide?".

Georgia's President: It's about the future world order (on CNN)

Direct quote from his interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer:

"This is about basic values of humanity... This is all about the future of the world order. And I think there are much bigger things that are at stake here than just Georgia. For me, it's all about my country. But for the wider world, it's about the future world order."

You can watch for yourself here: -it's around minute 5.

What we are hearing on the media here in Spain mentions nothing of Georgia's previous move on South Ossetia, as if this had no importance... world drive by crazies, this is what we get, wwIII provocations :S

Also, I couldn't rip the video to upload to youtube, but someone should definitely do so!

Kosovo "Independence" and the Project for a "New Middle East"

Western public opinion has been misled. Unfolding events and realities on the ground in the former Yugoslavia have been carefully manipulated.

Germany and the U.S. have deep-seated geo-strategic interests in dividing Yugoslavia. Washington, D.C. and Berlin have also been the first governments to recognize the secessionist states, which resulted from the breakup of the Yugoslav federation.

The Broader Implications of Kosovo “Independence”

The February 2008 declaration of independence of Kosovo is a means towards legitimizing the dissolution and breaking up of sovereign states on a global scale.

Article continues...

Another article that will help you understand what's going on in Kosovo:
The Criminalization of the State: "Independent Kosovo", a Territory under US-NATO Military Rule

Will we see this happening more and more? Your thoughts please.

9/11 activism sign in Spanish

I just finished a sign in spanish that I did in Inkscape, a free vector graphics program that i strongly recommend (you can learn to use it easily, watch some tutorials).

The main text says: "The war in Afghanistan also started with a lie"
The text on top reads: "Investigate yourself" (or something similar, not sure how it would be in english)

It is an A2 - 90dpi, but if you want a bigger badder version, make sure to contact me and I can get you the svg file no problem.

Please find it attached

Iran being literaly cut off the Internet

It’s becoming obvious that this is not a coincidence.

Reports of the FOURTH submarine cable that got cut just came in.
Who’s trying to make ANYONE believe this is just a mere coincidence or unlucky accidents?

DOHA (AFP) — An undersea telecoms cable linking Qatar to the United Arab Emirates was damaged, disrupting services, telecommunications provider Qtel said on Sunday, the latest such incident in less than a week.

The cause of the damage is not yet known.

Of cooouuurrrssseee, yes! just! another! coincidence!

Tell that to whoever you like.
But this is beyond conspiracy, this is just too statistically improbable to not be deliberate.

There have also been reports that there were NO ships present at the time the cables were cut.
And even better, no one’s gonna fix it any time soon, because of the bad weather.

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