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9/11 Truth: Analysis and Critique


I argue that while the 9/11 Truth Movement has had many successes and innovations, it has also been limited by it's sole purpose being the propagation of a narrative. The goals, strategy, and tactics of our activism should be seriously reconceptualized. The prevailing culture of the Truth Movement has become insular and needs to branch out into other revolutionary traditions which are already well established and have their own unique dialogues. I suggest that our activism should be reconceived as strictly a media movement rather than being the revolution itself so long as our sole goal is to spread information, and that Truth activists should participate in workshops for Non-Violent Direct Action.

Lobby your Representatives! Tampa 9/11 Truth did!


Yes, I felt so incredibly free after walking out of Bill Nelsons' office! This was a truly rewarding experience and I propose that EVERY 9/11 Truther make sure that their local representatives are lobbied and made aware of the growing concerns of their constituents! If you do not report treason it is a CRIME!

My account:

I woke up early, trimmed my beard, and put on a dress shirt and a tie. I wanted to look professional and presentable. I may be a college student, but I know how to be taken seriously!

We all converged at the federal courthouse and had a bit of trouble getting in because of the tight security. No cell phones, cameras, or anything!

We had briefly gone over the packet prepared by 911truth.org on the way to the senators office. I felt unprepared, but Mia assured us that the presentation was very simple and that all the work was done for us already. We had the simple outline, the supplemental material to leave with the senator, and Dr. Griffin's list of 115 Ommisions and Distortions of the 9/11 Commision Report.