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3 Easy steps to counter the 'Conspiracy Nut' label

Calling someone a conspiracy theorist is the psychological equivalent of a four letter word. Therefore dealing swiftly with this common ad-hominem attack is essential. Here is a 3 step approach:

1/ Define 'Conspiracy Theorist'?
2/ Why does it apply to me?
3/ Of all people, why does it apply to me and me only?

Here's an example:

Denialist: You're a conspiracy theorist!

Truther: Please define what you mean by conspiracy theorist?

Denialist: A conspiracy theorist is someone who believes that his government killed its own population as a pretext for war.

Truther: How does that apply to me?

Denialist: You believe that our government plotted to kill Americans on 9/11.

Truther: So you're saying that anybody who believes that who believes that his government killed its own population as a pretext for war, is a conspiracy theorist? In that case, all historians having studied Operation Himmler's Reichstag, Nero, Gleiwitz incident, Lavon affair, KGB Chechnya bombings, Algerian civil war, Stalin are all conspiracy theorists?

Just an example, but you can apply this template to any definition the Denialist gives you.

French Comedian Questions 9/11 on Live Radio Show

French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard dismissed the official 9/11 myth on a French radio show Europe 1's On va s’gêner on september 5th 2008:

(Transcripts after jump)

Donating Anonymously to 9/11 Truth & co.

An important question that’s bugged me for a while, is how does one donate or buy products from 9/11 Truth related websites anonymously?

I say this because I’d love to register to prisonplanet.tv, buy loosechange DVDs or donate to 911blogger, but I always wonder who’s harvesting my paypal/credit-card information and in what government database I’ll end up.

I’m sure I’m not alone on this so if we could setup a simple and easy tutorial for people to donate securely and anonymously, then we could encourage and convince more people still on the sideline.

Any ideas?

I'm Voting Democrat

The I'm Voting Democrat is a video response to the popular I'm Voting Democrat video:

PS: Can't someone please submit this on Digg et al. ? Thanks!

Leslie Robertson gets another gig!

Leslie E. Robertson, the chief engineer in charge of design of the World Trade Center, seems to have done well for himself, notwithstanding the fact that his designs seem to explode to the ground at free-fall speed in an identical symmetrical fashion under dissimilar damage conditions.

His outfit Leslie E. Robertson Associates is behind the 101-storey Shanghai World Financial Center. You’d think the financiers of the project, Mori Building Development, would put someone else on the case given how poorly the designs of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 fared on 9/11 – if you are to believe the official NIST/FEMA report that is. But they apparently do not.

WTC Costume

WTC costume

Just get your little sister to be WTC-7 and you've got yourself a winning costume gang for the next 11th demonstration march.

9/11 Truth Handshake and Hand-sign

Every definitive movement has its own hand-sign. 9/11 Truth protesters should also have theirs. This video shows the Truth hand-sign which is similar to the OK hand-sign and resembles an inverted 911. The Truth 'masonic' handshake is simply an extension of the hand-sign to the handshake.


Making 9/11 Truth more Accessible via Comedy

The top ranking videos on YouTube are either about sex or are funny ones. The problem is most 9/11 Truth video aren't in either category. By making 9/11 Truth videos more fun, we could increase our exposure.

Take this recent satirical video for example, which hints at Cheney being responsible for the stand-down on 9/11:

London Protest - 11th September 2007

9/11 Truth Rally in front of UK parliament (Westminster, London) for the 6th anniversary of the attacks:

9/11 Truth on The Whitest Kids You Know

The Whitest Kids You Know has a comedy sketch which mentions Pentagon debris, the pod theory (it's comedy remember!) and Bush's Skull&Bones.