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Urgent Call for Support for Truth Candidate Cynthia McKinney

Received today by email:

Special Edition, May 24, 2008
The Power to the People Committee
Cynthia McKinney for President Weekly Update.

Hello Powerful People:

This special edition is to alert you that we are a third of the way there, towards meeting the Whitney Challenge to raise at least another $2,300 toward the Primary Season Matching Funds Eligibility this week. So far, eleven contributors from nine states, giving an average of $83 each have participated in this challenge since it was announced Sunday night.

We have two more days to raise the next $1,380 to match the challenge. (And we've fixed the thermometer on the contribution form so you can now monitor our progress in real time).

You don't have to give $83 yourself. $5, $25, $100, $250, whatever you can afford; it all helps reach our goal. And it is important that you be invested in this campaign.

As background we reprint below two articles from last week's Campaign Update. Please link to:
and help us triple your contribution. Don't wait, please do so now!

NYC gets $153.3M in anti-terror funds. Why now?

Why all of the sudden does NYC receive a federal grant of $153.3M for increased security on commuter trains and subways?


It’s been almost 7 years since 9/11. What took them so long? Why now?

Perhaps they have other motives?

At best: Fear mongering, surveillance
At worst: Preparing for the next false flag operation.

Jack Cafferty - closet 9/11 truther?

Jack Cafferty ran a report that took a strong stance against our "two party" system and included a clip of 9/11 truthers at about 0:30. I've written Mr. Cafferty before practically begging him to research the topic of 9/11 truth . He is a former NYC local news anchorman and has real street smarts. He's also one of the few commentators on the MSM that tells it (almost) like it is. I would bet my bottom dollar this guy questions the official story but is not allowed to tackle the subject on his program.