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To all the 911Blogger staff

........Thank you ! For all your efforts on maintaining this web site. I am sure i speak for everyone here.

A way to spread the word....

We all know that major media won't touch the 9/11 truth. This is a suggestion that will help get the word out. All across America we have our 9/11 truth groups.Alot of us live in small towns, and have local papers. Go to your local papers. Share the cost between your 9/11 truth groups,and take out as big of an ad as you can afford as a group. Such as Google 9/11 Mysteries, or a short, direct message to prompt peoples curiosity to at least look.
Letters to the editor are fine ,but too small. It should be at least a half page ad.Front page would'nt hurt either.
In bigger cities.....Try a billboard on a major highway.Yes i am sure this is more expensive,but the cost is less when split within a group.

A new approach

All of us here know that with so many lies,and unanswered questions that at the very least our goverment is hiding something. This upsets me because i love my country.I support the troops,but not the reason they are there.
We are approaching six years without the answers to our questions.And what i find more appauling is NOBODY on the official side wants to put this issue to rest!....WHY?
Our major media would rather flood the airwaves with Paris Hilton then to cover this huge story. WHY?
I am sure all of us have encountered blind faith patriots. Those that argue with a totally uneducated opinion. I have an open mind. I believe there is always two sides to every story,and if i want the ability to voice my opinion i need to know both sides.
It's hard to believe that my goverment could be behind this.Even though i've seen, read,and listened to all justifiable evidence of the 9/11 movement what i want to believe is irrelevant. The truth hurts.
So id like to propose a new approach to opening the eye's of the blind faith patriots.

Osama increased to 50 Million

This is short. It seems the reward has been increased to fifty million for the capture of Osama.
Which leads me to this question. Why has'nt the media, and the Bush administration been pursuing the man from a cave who is supposedly responsible for 9/11?
The other question i have is. Since the Bush family is friends with the Bin Laden family,i wonder what they talk about on family get togethers?............Comments?

More from Alex Jones

It's hard to beat the news on Rosie and the view,but all in all this is a good read.
Just to show every dog gets his day!

3 Birds...1 Stone

We have two 110 story buildings full of asbestos.Removal will cost more than the original constucton. We also have insider trading records,CIA files,and other damaging information in the third. It seems like Lucky Larry, and the Bush administration beat the odds on 9/11.Even the basic laws of physic's were defied.

  What i find more amazing then all of the above is.....Who would have thought people were to stupid to look at all the evidence. Oh yeah, that's right.Let's add major media blackout on the 9/11 topic to the amazing list..WAKE UP AMERICA !

More on Rosie ,and the media...From Alex Jones

....I hope the video loaded...It looks like it's worth a look.

May the grace of GOD

BE WITH ALL WHO SEEK THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!! .......Need i say more?

The time is now!

.....We have been presented an opportunity with Rosie. This woman defines America! So all you truthers
e mail her! Show her the facts.She expressed an intrest to have some experts on her show.Let us hope they are'nt
those from the NIST,FEMA,or any other goverment agency.
If it was just one person in my opinion it would have to be Dr. Griffin,and if it could be two Dr Steven Jones.
This is AMERICA'S chance!
DZ we can't let this one pass us up! Please kick it into overdrive!

Did Dick Cheney Lie About His 9/11 Whereabouts?

Did Dick lie?...........Gonna love this. Thanks Alex! Were all united for the truth!

Did Dick Cheney Lie About His 9/11 Whereabouts? - prisonplanet.com

At least 2 noteworthy individuals contradict Dick Cheney's alleged arrival time in the White House emergency bunker on 9/11/2001. And at ... all » least one of these witnesses implies that Cheney may have issued a 'stand down' order to 9/11 military responders while in this bunker.

Did Dick Cheney lie about his whereabouts on the morning of 9/11 to conceal his issuance of a 'stand down' order that allowed the 9/11 attacks to succeed?

NYFD ....America's Finest !

Here's a good video i've never seen before. Please check it out.

Found a new search engine (VIDEO)

I found i can find alot of clips that were removed from google & you tube here.It's called liveleak.com
For example..... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a34_1172202296

............WHERE'S THE PLANE?


The heartbreak of truth

I am sitting here tonight in despair.I've always told my son like my dad told me.Hard work will get you ahead.
Iam now face with a problem.Lie or tell him the truth. In the past the words of wisdom that my dad gave
me held some meaning.Today it seems it's more on who you know,then what you know , or how hard you work.
How is this relavent to the 9/11 movement you ask?
It seems that bullshit packs more weight then the truth,and with that i am having a hard time.
Where is this great country headed? If i had one wish it would be all things are valued on face value.
Our time is running out, i am sorry to say.How can it be that the truth has to struggle to prove it's point?
America! Wake up!.................More than you can possible know rests on your attention.
DZ your intentions are good,as well as all the people who visit this site. What are we to do?
It makes me feel so sad to see our movement struggle, only to get the answers the american people deserve
We can't let this go the distance like the JFK coverup did.Only now after a few of those involved are dead,are more fractions of the truth exposed.


Yes i found this on truth seeker, and it makes alot of sence.Check it out.Here's the link

Deal with the devil

So ... the secret's out. Everyone with a brain knows the American government's 9/11 story is a fraud. Yet the human society we all pretend to acknowledge as reality continues to roll along on the basis of the slimy spin incessantly blared from the sinister cheerleader networks which constantly warn us about dark skinned boogeyman terrorists who hate our freedoms. As young boys we used to know die or are deformed daily by this spin, the unresolved shadow in the chasm of our mind deepens.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Hillary Clinton is tied to the Israeli manipulative apparatus even more tightly than the Bushes. The corporate fascism may have a more polite face, but behind the smile lies something equally pernicious. In any case, the spurious bombing of defenseless Third World countries will continue no matter which designated misfit occupies the White House.

Most people remain afraid to talk about 9/11. It's still a live dagger in their hearts. They fear they'll lose everything they have if they speak out about their doubts, about their total contempt (and total fear) for the killers who are running the U.S. government straight over the cliff into ruin. Isn’t it now obvious that this is deliberate?

To talk about 9/11 is to challenge every historical fact ever published about the United States.


Hi everyone.I just went to st911.org to see what was happening there.After the so called
fall out with Fetzer & Jones. The first thing i noticed was a choice to go to the original site or to
Dr. Jones's site stj911.org. Although this site is still developing what caught my eye was in the sub columns to the left.
Famlies & First Responders. This is something 9/11Blogger needs in the top right section of this web page.
I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this idea,also go check out stj911.org