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Tonight, George W. Bush was cheered and applauded by members of Congress as he approached the dais to present his sixth SOTU address. He was applauded regularly throughout his address to the nation. That response was an unforgivable, yet predictable disgrace. The members of Congress applauded the words of their failed and incompetent leader. They applauded when there should have been total silence.

The almost festive gala broadcast around the world was a farce unlike any that has ever taken place in the halls of the US Congress. Everyone with an ounce of sanity knows that the state of the union is one of total disaster. No one with an iota of concern for the nation or the world should have raised one hand to applaud a single word spoken by George W. Bush. But they did.

...........Yeah there should have been silence!
Or better yet booing!

I am Curious

I am sure everyone is anxiously awaiting Loose Change the final cut.Will this film be put out in ALL
theaters? Unlike Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism which was only in a few select theaters for a short time,with little to no advertising.
Our Media is controlled as well as our goverment. Will this happen?And if Dylan or Jason reads this .How about a couple tickets to your preveiw at Park Cities Sundance film festival?

9/11 Catalyst for a new honest goverment.

We have a unique opportunity,and we must not let it pass.Sound familiar? As appauling was the events
of 9/11 ,a bigger picture remains.Our two party system sold us americans out a long time ago!
The federal reserve is bankrupting our great nation,and our major media is controlled as well.
The events of 9/11 offer us americans a slim chance to make things right.If not for ourselves,then for our
children.If we ignore this opportunity,then we deserve our fate.If we win,or should i say when we win,and the
ones accountable are punished.We must not stop there.The whole system needs an enima,with safegaurds put in place
as to never allow this corruption again.
So if anyone knows something i beg you to come foward.Our country needs you.


Sent to document????.....These kids knew what our govement did'nt?


Edit:  There has to be a few good pilots at pilotsfor911truth.org

That no fighter pilot has came foward.What an insult to the finest fighter pilots in the world to be thought of as incompetent.

Mr Bowman has felt ashamed because he knows this is not the case.This coming from a man of honor
,and integrity.A true hero ,and patriot.A veteran.

Do we have fighter pilots in the truth movement? We welcome you with open arms.  Your country needs you.I am sure all of us here would love to hear what you have to say.

An idea

.......The guy who has offered one million to prove the collapse of WTC#1 & WTC2
How about flying the families of the victims to video a clip saying WE WANT ANSWERS,and put it on google.
Would love to see O'rielly & Hannity bash that one!

Sundance & Star power

I am eagerly awaiting Dylan Avery's Loose change final cut.I live in Utah,and know all of hollywoods finest
attend.I hope he goes all out on this one,and maybe with a little luck he will ignite some patriotic passion in
some high profile people.
I know Dylan comes to the 9/11 blogger site,and would like to tell him ...Thank you You do your
country proud.
Although this in someways pertains to 9/11 I would also like to thank Aaron Russo for his awesome
movie Freedom to Fascism. It is people like Dylan,and Aaron that make our country great.

Thank you 9/11 Blogger Team

Time has past,and i want to say thank you for a great web page.I've learned alot.
The truth is always on my mind.Which gives me an idea.
I think alot of people who have more knowledge of 9/11 are not just afraid to come foward,or to become more vocal
because of personal risk(Such as the true hero's of 9/11) the fireman.Iam sure it would result in the loss
of their jobs.Iam sure they would do it if only they knew they stood a chance of getting the truth out.
What about a 9/11 union? One with legal representation?Unified.For those who fear retaliation?
The Jesery girls,NYC fireman,Victims families,witnesses?Protected by the union?
Remembering there is power in numbers.United we stand.


We are running around debating things we already know,like a dog chasing it's tail.We already have more justifiable questions to demand a criminal investagation.What we need is Congress to do their job! I live pay check to pay check,and come to 9/11 blogger at least a dozen times a dayJust to see if there's somebody with a big bankroll & a set of balls to take it to the next level. Hint: We don't have to solve the puzzle,and we damn sure don't need to argue amongest ourselves.


I often wondered what pilots thought about 9/11.I know what the NYFD thinks.I also wonder what our
fighter pilots think.To be thought of as incompetent.
Anyway this was an awesome question.... http://pilotsfor911truth.org/WTC2.html

Iron worker video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-99CLdHWCc I have'nt see this one before.

Whoa! Check this guy out

This guy is running for congress....Go to www.thetruth247.com ,and watch his video ad.

Time to put up or shut up!

They call us nuts. Time to put up or shut up! If they feel so confident what better way then to show it to the
masses then to face us in a national televized event!
Ed Haas has already tried once to set up a national debate.The first time they ran like cock roaches when the lights turn on.Now they pushed it out for months,and still the NIST,9/11 Commission,Popular Mechanic run,and hide!
This event needs to be an all day event,advertized a week in advance.Covered by FOX,ABC,CBS,NBC.
There you go Mr Orilley.......TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP!


I ways this is relavent to the TOTAL TRUTH movement.Before the events of 9/11 i was amazed at the cover-up
of the death of JFK.This is how i stumbled across the 9/11 FACTS.
Appauled at every sentence i read.Angered at how crooked our great country has become,it pushed me
further to find out how,and why?
Vote? You have to be kidding me! I think ill stay at home and call the Rockefellers or Rothschilds and find out who will win.
The Big PROBLEM starts with the elite,and the Federal Reserve.It seems they've been screwing the american people since 1913,and before.
I just would like to let you truthers know how messed up they system is ,and why.
Find ,and watch the movie The Money Masters.Another good one is The truth about the federal reserve on Google video.
This ,put's it into perspective! What an eye opener!