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Translating youtube video

I have translated parts of the youtube video that Fujita Yukihisa asked the question about the truth of 9.11 to the prime minister Fukuda.
Check the video in my Webcite.. http://jazzdicekey.gionsyouja.com/Content/911.html
I will upload more soon. Thank you.

Besides Pentagon case, I would like to introduce another example of WTC in NY.

As you know, first picture shows that two hijacked air plane crashed into the towers.

It is understandable if it is just after the crush, but the debris of the building was flying far at the high speed after quite some time passed from the crush.

The video seemed that many debris of building was ejected with explosion.

This is the next picture from the book.From the two towers, debrius flied such a long distance.

This is the third picture extracting the parts of the video that the fireman who did the rescue operation was commenting.

Translated the video, he said "It was like someone was exploding the building in order to demolish it."
he also said "one after the other, the explosion occured."