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The 12 Guys Who Planted the WTC Explosives?

After filming a days worth of footage at a 9/11 protest in the city where 2 of the 9/11 hijackers were from, an unknown man approached one of the protesters with a startling admission. He knew 12 of the men who were involved in the 9/11 plot.

True or false? I don't know, but interesting.

"San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup" & "San Diegans For 9/11 Truth" 6th Anniversary Truth Action

"The San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup" joins forces with "San Diegans for 9/11 Truth" for the 6th anniversary "Truth Action". Between 80-100 people attended and the local media provided coverage for the 1st time. We even got a police escort for our candlelight march to the courthouse steps.

I realise that this video is a little on the long side (20 mins), but I promise it is worth the watch.

San Diego 9/11 Questions Meetup 8/11/07 Truth Action VIDEO

Abby, Peter & Friends attempt to wake up San Diego with their monthly Truth Action.

Dr. Bob Bowman Answers a Few Questions Regarding a New Investigation into 9/11

During Dr. Bowman's 2007 Patriot Tour stop in San Diego, CA, I had the privilege to meet and ask Dr. Bowman a few questions regarding a new investigation into the 9/11 tragedy. Here are his responses:

Please Reconsider, SD911Truth! Integrity of the movement at stake.

Several days ago I received an e-mail from the local 9/11 activist group here in San Diego, SD911Truth.org. As I was reading it getting updates on upcoming events I noticed a blurb of an upcoming speaker, Dr. Bill Deagle M.D. Since I am always interested in hearing new speakers, I quickly downloaded the file that came with the e-mail to listen to one of his lectures. To my surprise, Dr. Deagle began giving out information that was very suspect so I decided to do a little digging to see what I could find out about him. A quick Google search led me to this website: http://www.americaslastdays.com/deagle.htm

Meet the Director of the 9/11 Commission...Philip Zelikow.

I find the history and information about this guy fascinating. Notice his "area of academic expertise." Perfect guy for the job.

Read just the bold for the juicy parts.

Philip D. Zelikow

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Philip D. Zelikow is best known as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. He also acted as the director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia until February 2005 when he was appointed Counselor of the United States Department of State.

Opinions needed on T-shirt design.

Hello everyone. As some of you know, my pastor responded to my letter to him where he stated, "As far as what you should personally do about your concerns, for that I currently have no answer except to say that affecting those around us right now in our sphere of influence is my and I believe God's main concern.." Bruce1337 interpreted this comment this way:

" I believe the Pastor is saying God wants you to go spread some truth! There we have it: GOD IS A TRUTHER!!!"

I agree, so I decided to "affect those around me" and have a t-shirt made that I could wear to church. This is what I came up with and I would like some feedback and opinions. Note the hidden cross. I am so creative!

Pastor responds to follow up letter. Truth WINS!!!

Well guys, it did not take long to get a response from my pastor and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with his response. This is very shocking because this church is what I would consider a very conservative southern Baptist church. It just goes to show, there is no stopping truth! His response follows along with my 2 original letters, in case you missed them:


Blessings *****,

 It's great to hear from you. Yes, I am very aware of the perspective that indicates that the whole WTC disaster may have been an "inside job" to give this country a plausible reason to go to war. There are many inconsistencies within the stories regarding the Pentagon attack as well. I do not disagree with you on this, but Jesus is very specific with me on my responsibilities and focus for this church. It just so happens that the whole WTC incident is not a part of Jesus' plan for FBC****** at this time.

As far as what you should personally do about your concerns, for that I currently have no answer except to say that affecting those around us right now in our sphere of influence is my and I believe God's main concern. I'm not sure if I helped, but I will be praying that you find the answers and the peace that your looking for.

Follow up letter to my Pastor.

God bless you, truth seekers,

I know I am not heard from that much since I can no longer go on this site at work, but I thought
I would follow up on the letter I wrote about 6 months ago to my Pastor. I'll let you know the response. I want to let everyone know that there are other Christian Truth Seekers out there. God Bless all of you and keep up the fight for turth.
The letter follows:

Hello Pastor *****,

I'm not sure where to start. It's been almost 6 months since I gave you that letter & DVD, Pastor *****. I prayed over that letter. I really prayed over it, intensely. I don't like to reveal to people the contents of my personal prayer, but I need you to know that I prayed for God to make clear to me if I was on the wrong track in regards to this issue. Since that morning 6 months ago, I have not been able to convince myself that all this is not true. In fact, the more I look into it, the more ridiculous the "official" story sounds. I remember a few months back, you mentioned in a sermon that you were a building inspector. I would imagine that you have some, if not extensive knowledge in building construction and have the mind to understand some aspects of structural engineering. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the design of the WTC, but it does not take long to understand the redundancy of these structures once you see how they were built. Yet, we watched them pulverize into dust like sand castles in 10 seconds. Freefall in a vacuum is 9 seconds. Add onto that the numerous reports of pre-collapse explosions, squibs down the sides of the building, plus a pyroclastic flow and what do you get? Controlled Demolition. http://www.implosionworld.com/cinema.htm I recommend you take a look at the Southwark Towers at that website. If you see little thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, it's the one on the bottom row, 3rd from the left. Its under "Cinema Explosif'" if you are not there. You will notice the pre-collapse explosions, squibs down the sides and a freefall collapse.