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United for Truth 2008 (Brussels) footage with english subs

As always done in a rush late at night. Please bear with me with any errors in the subtitles:

source: www.frank-hoefer.blogspot.com

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German Andreas Hauß hands in 9/11 complaint to authorities

German Historian Andreas Hauß has handed in a complaint of an offense to the german authorities concerning the attacks of 9/11.

The complains accuses Pete Zalewski, Glenn Michael (ARTCC Boston Center), Stacey Taylor, Richard Kettell (ARTCC Cleveland), Ben Sliney, FAA HQ Herndon Va., Senior Airman Stacia Rountree, Tech Sergeant Shelley Watson, Master Sergeant Maureen Dooley, Jeremy Powell, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Nasypany, Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, Otis ANG Commander Quenneville, Lt. Col. Timothy Duffy, Maj. Daniel Nash, Lt. Col. Brad Jackson, Lt. Col. Steve O’Brien, Captain Charles M. Leidig, Brig. General Montague Winfield, NMCC, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and others of suspicion of murder. The complaint has been approved and forwarded to the attorney general for further investigation.

While this will obviously will have no effect whatsoever, it might still be interessting to see how the german authorities will justify their non-actions. This is the original letter that confirms the entry for the complaint:

German 2007 bombing-plans carried out by the CIA?

9/11 for the USA or 7/7 for the UK are probably the most known false-flag operations at the moment. Little people know that false-flag operations are going on all over the world blaiming the muslim society. In Germany, this is probably the "Sauerland Bombers"-Event, that was "luckily" prevented by some authorities.

The official story tells that a group of islamic terrorists tried to carry out a mass-murder event in Germany just like 9/11. For this, they are said to have produced dozends of bombs for blowing up several major german cities, mainly to target US citizens. According to Johannes Schmalzl, director of Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (you could also call it "homeland security" because that's exactly its purpose), the mastermind behind these terrible planings is Yehia Yousif. All of this story has been reinforced by the german mass media at the beginning of the months with a lot of headlines - and an "official" trial against the caught islamic terrorists is about to begin.

Now, the last week offered new insights in this attack. Here are just two things to think about:

WTC7 documentation on german ZDF tomorrow

A lot of different 9/11 topics will be shown on german mainstream media this year around september 11th. Besides the WTC building demolition theories and flight 93, the "Second German Television" (ZDF) will broadcast a WTC 7 documentation tomorrow, on September 7th:

Webpage information.

The feature is said to be directed by Mike Rudin and Christoph Röckerath, who was also responsible for the WTC 7 featurette in "auslandsjournal" posted earlier this week. We don't know, yet, whether it's just the BBC feature with german voice over or if there are additional scenes, corrections or discussions from Röckerath as well. The show will be hosted by Guido Knopp, one of germans most popular history television hosts and can be seen free to air in whole europe via Satellite and in german territories via cable and antenna.

WTC7 coverage on german ZDF television channel with english subtitles

This is a english subtitled version of the WTC 7 coverage of "auslandsjournal" on the german ZDF tv station. Just in case, someone want's to dig deeper into this. At the moment, i'm working full-time and a lot of hours, so please bear with me if there are hundreds of typing errors or bad grammar in this subtitles - i did it quick'n'dirty in just some minutes now!

Here we go:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Austrian rights-activists arrested under terrorism law

Just another example how terrorism is abused for installing a police-like state in Europe:

10 animal rights-activists were arrested in Vienna, Austria last month. In the nation-wide radio station FM4, one of the activists reported how a uniformed task force stormed his place at 6 o’clock in the morning and he was not allowed to move anymore. The rights-actvists were arrested under a new established terrorism paragraph - according to this, people can be arrested if there is just a suspicion of beeing member of an illegal or criminal ring. According to FM4, the law can be interpreted in pretty any way of beeing an terrorist when politcally active. According to an interview with Harald Balluch, one of the animals rights-activists, in austrian magazine DerStandard, they were never told which criminal ring they should belong to. The equipment of their society was confiscated as well as all of their mobile phones and their address database of donators.

Dr. Daniele Ganser lecture about 9/11 (28.11.07)

Held 28.11.07.
The original video is created by NKBOnline and can be found here.

Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11 (III)

In this segment of the interview, Dr. Daniele Ganser talks about the WTC7 and "Double Talkling":

Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11 (II)

As there were some question to the last part, here just some explanations:

- I think, the interview is from 2006, so yes, it's rather old. But I don't think, it has already been translated to english.
- You can read about Dr. Daniele Ganser at his webpage www.danieleganser.ch and decide yourself about his popularity and work
- The interview was shown in the tv show "Stöhlker", (see here for details), I can't and won't judge about the other coverage of this TV station.
- Yes, the 2nd part had a translation error in it. I immediately removed it from Tube and replaced it with the correct version (it was late, I worked hard, I was tired, sorry for that, this really shouldn't happen - I even misspelled "Lavon"). This version now is the corrected version, thanks for the heads up and keep me informed about anything else.

Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11

Dr. Daniele Ganser is a popular swiss historian doing research about 9/11 for several years now. The swiss tv station U1 asked him several questions about the different theories of 9/11. Here is a small translated section of this interview - more from him to come, if wished...

There are some misspellings in the translation as it was done in a rush, but I guess you'll get the point anyway.