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Justin Raimondo of Anti-War.com Speaks Out (Almost)

The Trial of the Century and the Long Shadow of 9/11

Excerpt: ...

Furthermore, we have to ask the question: what else will the defendants reveal about how they managed to down the twin towers and devastate the Pentagon armed only with some box-cutters?

In spite of the numerous commissions, studies, books, films, and seemingly endless public discussion of this signal event, a great deal of the facts surrounding the 9/11 attacks remain shrouded in mystery. And of course, this has given rise to a whole panoply of conspiracy theories, conjectures, and alternative narratives that have continuously threatened to overtake the official story and replace it with something far darker and more ambiguous.

They Made a Killing - (Insider trading and CIA coups.)

They Made a Killing
Did people who knew about secret, CIA-led coups use that information to game the stock market?

By Ray Fisman - Oct. 28, 2008

... [Following the CIA-led coup in Guatemala in 1954] ... With a U.S. puppet back in the president's mansion, UFC's profits were safe. But it appears the company wasn't the only beneficiary of this Cold War cloak-and-dagger diplomacy: A recent study by economists Arindrajit Dube, Ethan Kaplan, and Suresh Naidu argues that those in on the planning process also profited handsomely. By tracking the stock prices of UFC and other politically vulnerable firms in the months leading up to CIA-staged coups in Guatemala, Chile, Cuba, and Iran, the researchers provide evidence that someone—perhaps one of the Dulleses, Cabots, or others in the know—was trading stocks based on classified information of these coups-in-the-making.

New Website

Hi all, I've started a website aimed at collecting together my own articles on September 11 and related subjects. I'm interested in the history of false-flag covert operations, the strategy of tension, etc. I'm trying to bring this material together in a way that is accessible for normal, educated people who have no idea about this crucially important subject. Here it is:

The 911 Agenda, September 11 and Our Political System

Comments and suggestions, especially from the internet savvy, would be appreciated. I'm currently working on a new section that will chronicle the history of the 911-Truth Movement. If anyone can contribute good photos of large 911 Truth gatherings, that would be great. I've picked some off the web already, but could use more.

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