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With regard to the negotiations over Iran's "nuclear program"; here's what the Iranians should say to Bush and his handlers:

Ok, as a result of what allegedly happened to you on 9/11/01, you
claim to be fighting a "War on Terror", whereupon you attacked and
invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq. Now, apparently, under the rubric
of the said "War on Terror", you demand that Iran stop enriching
uranium - an activity we see as our legitimate, legal right.

We will agree to indefinately suspend the enrichment of uranium on our
soil under one simple condition: You prove, by way of a comprehensive,
independent, transparent, international investigation, into both the
attacks of 9/11/01 and the subsequent "Anthrax attacks", that the
events of 9/11/2001, transpired substantially as you have claimed they

And to demonstrate our good faith, we'll agree to immediately suspend
enrichment of uranium pending the outcome of the investigation;
moreover, we'll seek international donations to pay any expenses
associated with the new investigation.