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911 Truth and Peace Activists "Welcome" Nancy Pelosi to Los Angeles

Activists Welcome Nancy Pelosi To Los Angeles (3 videos in this posting)

GARKO Song - Something Goin' Down In Shanksville Town

Written and Performed And Arranged By GARKO FACTOR
for the upcoming CD - Thought Crimes Rhapsody

GARKO Rocks :"This Land Is Your Land"

live, unrehearsed, spontaneous, angry

Atlanta Airport Security Freaks, Orders Construction Worker To Remove Water4Gas System From His Engine

ok, some of the Water4Gas installations do kind of look like bombs!
i have looked at some and joked if Homeland Security knew about it.
but here is the first story i have heard about security anywhere freaking out because
they saw a Water4Gas installation in someone's car.

See Water4Gas installations at

New 911 Truth Fact Sheet
Meet The Truthers - The Spirit of America Rising

Loosening The Oppressive Grip Of The Elites And Corporations On Automobile Fuel

what if the demand for oil suddenly fell through the floor?
how much of an effect would it have on the few who own everything if we emancipated large sections of populations from dependence on fossil fuel? possibly their whole house of cards would crumble.
we have the tech now so that we can do so. and the revolution has already begun.
my own car ... a 1989 Toyota Corolla went from 13.3 to 28.3 MPG in two days!
Forget about BMW's new hydrogen car or the Japanese air car or electic hybrids and such.
There are millions of cars out there right now that need to be converted to hydrogen hybrids and we have the way to do it for under $200

Constitution Signing Street Action 17 July 2008

public officials swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
but private citizens swear no such oath.
maybe this is a way to make the broad public think that someone is looking after their interests when they are not.
maybe if people were asked voluntarily to sign the same oath they would feel more responsibility and more of a duty to hold their elected officials accountable.
anyway, that is the idea here and we had some fun with it in Los Angeles last nite.

Science Fair Question For 911 Demonstration?

note the comment below. what happened was the original question got deleted by yahoo lol
then after i made note of such here i realized i can edit this thing
so this is the long story. now please go to that link above if you have a yahoo account and share your thoughts, k?

i dont want my kid to make another darn volcano that spews vinegar all over the high school gymnasium again. we are becoming infamous in the local community for stinking up the gym...not a good thing!
so i thought that maybe someone could explain to me how to make a small scale representation of how the towers crumbled on 911 with the physics involved in that.
maybe i can try it in my kitchen first since the heat of jet fuel and the heat i use to boil my water for tea and cocoa are about the same temperature.
is there something i am doing wrong? because i have never had my oven vaporize into dust from boiling water for my cocoa.
maybe someone can share with me some pointers so i can help my kid do an educational display of the physics of 911?

* 2 hours ago
* - 3 days left to answer.

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