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New 911 Truth Song of Victory by GARKO

hope you enjoy this song.
it is intended to be something that is performed live with the 911 truth chant in the middle of the song and followed by the "victory song" section of the song... hope you find it inspirational.

Truthers And Ron Paul-ers Have Successful Constitution Signing Street Action - Hollywood, CA

There were about 14 of us and we got our job done. It's a project to go out on the 17th of every month to commemorate the ratification of the US Constitution on 17 Sept 1789 and get people to reaffirm their love for American freedom and liberty as guaranteed in the Constitution. In other words, to go out there and find out who cares and remind people that they should care.
Here is the video of the activites of 17 June 2008 and below it is the activities of 17 May 2008. A very different outcome!


A New Truther Is "Born"

this fellow missed his plane on 9/10 and it saved his life. his friend didn't miss his plane and died while having breakfast in the first tower. this is reality folks. real lives were lost. this video brings that home while inspiring us to reach out even more...

The Big Brother Song by GARKO

video features We Are Change footage. Enjoy!

Truithers Peaceful Constitution Signing In Hollywood Interrupted, Security Thug Trashes Freedom Sign

it's funny, i thunk up this idea so as to do something positive that would not be attacked but both times i have been out with Crena and other Truthers I have had security try to rain on my parade. just a "sign" of the times. and the last image of this video is unfortunately a powerful metaphor.

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New Truther Website = Meet The Truthers Featuring Video Interviews With 911 Truth Leaders

website features videos with Luke, Abby, Dylan, Cosmos and other leaders and members of the truth movement.

These are a few of many videos that you can see at
It is all about letting people know who we are and helping to create a deservedly positive image in the public eye.