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The Senate and House of Repersenatives still haven't learned anything

It always a amazement to me that there are those elected officials who want to give those people who want to kill not only you and I but also our famiy and friends. There is a move under foot to give all of those who were captured equal treatment under the Geneva Convention. These people are willing to die because
someone promised them a hundered virgins when they get to heaven.We
have to stop those people who were elected from putting us in harms way again.
Those elected officials want to treat those detained as American Citizens.
With full protection under the Constituition. Hell before long they will try to give them voting rights
We clearly have a choice here. I am not a Republician nor am I a Democratic. I am for those who will keep my family safe.
We need to elect on the basicis of SAFE SECURE AND RELIABLE. With a DUTY HONOR AND COUNTRY Burned into their sole.
This is the way a Old Soldier see it