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Truth Action Ottawa - 9/11 Truth Action - July 11, 2009

Truth Action Ottawa went to the main gate of Bluesfest with 1000 discs and interfaced with thousands of people in the pouring rain on July 11, 2009. This was's 30th International Day of Action, Amer's 1 year anniversary with TAO, and Henri-Pierre's birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate despite the rain. We spent four hours out there and had a lot of fun. We can see the mass awakening happening on the front lines; people were eager to get a DVD and learn the truth.

Music by Jimmy Vaughan. Visit us at

Truth Action Ottawa interviews Cosmos from

On June 27th, 2009, Mark from Truth Action Ottawa interviewed Cosmos, founder of the international 11 Of Every Month Campaign and the website. The hour-long conversation covers a wide range of topics relating to 9/11 activism and celebrates the upcoming July 11th actions, which will be the 30th since the campaign began.

To hear the full interview, click here:

Truth Action Ottawa's Response to Glenn Beck's Attack on the 9/11 Truth Movement

Mark from Truth Action Ottawa has a few choice words for Glenn Beck after Beck tried to associate the 9/11 Truth movement with the recent attack on the Holocaust Museum.

Truth Action Ottawa - June 11, 2009 Truth Action

Truth Action Ottawa got a great response from the public on June 11, 2009. We distributed 300 DVDs in record time and got a lot of people interested in researching 9/11 further. We're out on the street somewhere in Ottawa every 11th, so come join us! Visit to find out where we'll be next month.

Music by Chris Geo, used with permission. Check out Chris' debut album when it comes out July 4th, 2009. Visit for more information.

Truth Action Ottawa interviews Kevin Annett

Truth Action Ottawa was fortunate enough to interview Kevin Annett while he was in Ottawa on April 28, 2009. In the interview, Kevin describes Canada’s Aboriginal Residential Schools Program, how he discovered it, his struggle to expose it, and what has transpired since the release of his enormously successful film, Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide.

While this topic isn't obviously 9/11 related, during the interview Annett does briefly touch on the fact that 9/11 and the Residential School program in Canada are part of the same long-term war against free humanity, so I thought that 9/11 Blogger readers might be tangentally interested.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Truth Action Ottawa interviews 9/11 witness Mr. David Long

On May 8, 2009, members of Truth Action Ottawa interviewed Mr. David Long, who was in downtown Manhattan the morning of September 11, 2001. Mr. Long recounts everything he saw and heard that morning, including multiple streams of molten metal pouring from the buildings before they fell, and the sounds of multiple explosions as the buildings came down.

Here's a preview:

To see the full interview, please visit