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CIA, Hollywood, and 911

The following article deals with the CIA's support of, involvement with, and "manipulation" of Hollywood.


Its pretty long and more thorough with recent films like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, but the affect of 9/11 on Hollywood is repeated constantly.

But, whats particularly interesting is the specific notation and time spent on Ben Affleck's relation to the CIA:

"The long relationship between Affleck, a prominent Hollywood liberal, and Langley seems particularly perplexing. But the mutual admiration has paid off handsomely for all concerned."

WTC steel donated for use in sculptures

WTC steel for Maryland memorial sculpture

In the past few months the Port Authority has begun distributing pieces of the WTC steel to various states and cities for 9/11 memorials. Till now, most pieces have been small, usually less than 5 feet, and put into glass cases.

But anyone who wanted to see some of the more massive steel beams up close, which were housed in the JFK airport hanger, the ones out of the view and scrutiny of the public (remember, the ones "exposed" by Jesse Ventura on Conspiracy Theory), will soon have their chance.

The Port Authority has donated 5 huge pieces of "mangled" steel to be used in an upcoming sculpture for a 9/11 memorial in Saratoga, NY. One of the members of the arts council "noted the dramatic nature of the steel, saying “…you see where the nose of the plane impacted.” "  "The sculpture will consist of five giant shards of "impact steel" from the floors of the towers where the hijacked airplanes struck."

 Here are some links with photos:

Please continue trying NYCCAN !

This question will be on next year's Denver ballot: whether a 7 member commission should be created to investigate the existence of UFOs. No joke.


I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I mean, does this illustrate how all viewpoints of We the People can be addressed through legislation, or does it show that the questioning of UFOs actually has more legitimacy/importance than 911 Truth?

Please NYCCAN, try again. Don't give up! Make the proposal clean and submit it early. And/or create one for Shanksville, PA. Set up one in DC. Try to get it on the NY State ballot. People are currently opening themselves up to the once unthinkable (gay marriage, marajuana, ...aliens) and blind allegiance was always one of our major stumbling blocks. 911Truth has recently gotten a major push in momentum due to not only growing media coverage, but also widespread questioning of the US gov as a whole.

The house of cards is showing signs of crumbling, and people are seeking legitimate ways to question authority. But in this waiting game, we need to seize this opportunity now before the pillars of willful ignorance and futility can be re-established.

A Lesson in Perseverance

If you asked me when I was a high school senior in 1988, with Nancy Regan moaning on TV, if I would ever read such an article in the NY Times, I'd say it'd be impossible. Actually, I would have probably said "What are you, on dope?"

Push to Legalize Marijuana Gains Ground in California

Twenty years ago the legalized pot movement was about as "grass-roots" as you could get. It was subject to major ridicule. Sustained as much name-calling, lunatic-comparing, and media derision as any other fringe movement. Police are against it, lawmakers are against it, teachers, ministers, and parents are against it. The supporters were jailed, fined, and considered the dregs of society. It has been considered so morally defunct that jobs, families, and futures have be destroyed by belonging to this cause. Fully equating oneself with it was (and still technically is) illegal.

But it is succeeding, and with that, 911 Truth should find a blast of hope.

Thats right NYC, you CANT. (How dumb are JREFers?)

Right now, JREF is celebrating the failure of NYCCAN. They say it had legal holes and they are happy such "crap" wasn't put before voters. There's also a MAD magazine cover with Obama holding a "NYCCANT" sign. http://forums.randi.org/showpost.php?p=5215486&postcount=886

This suggests that they would have otherwise allowed/welcomed NYCCAN if it was better formatted? (yeah right) To openly celebrate the failure of democratic choice eludes to something being hidden. And being pro-Obama now makes you a 911Truther? And in the poster there is a slash mark straight through the American flag where it says "I voted". So being against NYCCAN means you're anti-democratic and anti-patriotic, you think the flag sucks, and being unable to vote should be championed.

And just how do they suggest finishing the sentence "NYC can't..." Can't what? ..vote? ..get justice? .. know the truth? ..be democratic? In my opinion, the slogan NYCCANT would be better suited for 911truthers, and should be emblazoned across NYC. It directly tells the people that their ability to make their own choices and decide how their city is run has been silenced. It says that democracy has been stopped. Use it.

When skeptics challenge skeptics, BBC is there!

If only for the sake of tragic comedy, then this BBC article is worth a look.

When Sceptics Fight Back

It touches upon such enlightening (and confusing) concepts as:

-Skeptics (from JREF) being skeptical of other skeptics (i.e. all conspiracy theorists)
-That conspiracy theorists are guilty of re-writing history
-Skeptical JREF lambastes the "mainstream media" for their "bad reporting" which (somehow?) supports conspiracy theories.
-A journalist who, after stating he was Jewish, eventually finds support in the skeptically anti-religious JREF community.

(Of note: on the JREF web site, there were zero search results for "Sibel Edmonds", and only a single result on BBC, which was a minor 2004 sub-reference to something else reported in a British newspaper. Good to see how CTs are successfully re-writing MSM history!)

How are we "meant" to recall 2001?

This is food for thought regarding how memories work and how they can also be easily planted. While I'll be the first to admit that source, cracked.com , isn't out to win a Pulitzer, it does make an interesting read if you want an brief intro into how a collective memory can be formed, and hints to why so many people may adamantly recall something totally different to what actually happened on 9/11/2001. (but please don't bash me for any childishness in this article)

The original link is http://www.cracked.com/article/127_5-ways-to-hack-your-brain-into-awesomeness_p2

Its found about mid-page and includes links which reference the noted experiments.

-Believe something that happened (that totally didn't)-

Stop for a moment and recall your fondest childhood memory. Or your worst. In either case, there's a really good chance that it's total bullshit.

Memory is a funny thing. Research has consistently found that our memories from when we were kids are either extremely inaccurate, or didn't happen at all. They are just elaborate constructions of a memory storage system that isn't very good at distinguishing real memories from fake ones.

One of the best so far regarding Sheen

This is probably one of the best pieces I have yet seen regarding the whole Charlie issue to date, found on the New Zealand "Scoop" website


It is really, really well done and very objective. Not only does it properly cover Sheen's Obama interview/video, but also the media re-action and journalistic bias/character bashing it created. It also delves into how Obama may (or may not) tackle it.

If you want to spread around something which summarizes the whole thing, this is it.

edit- Woops, I think this piece was originally posted at Portland Independant Media Center:


and proper credit should be given to the author, Steve Edwards.

Brainwashing and 911

This is a very well written article by Terry Morrone, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Adelphi University. It concerns how media/government can influence and manipulate a general population through age old techniques of propaganda, and ways to counter such attempts.

Originally posted at Daily Censored http://dailycensored.com/2009/09/07/brain-washing-and-911/

Brainwashing and 9/11, a Personal View

Terry Morrone, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Adelphi University

Propaganda has been with us since ancient times. All empire-builders have to justify what they do – to themselves, to their own people, and to those they dominate.
The Romans developed a sophisticated world-view which they projected successfully through literature, inscriptions, architecture, art, and elaborate public ceremonial. Their message was that Rome represented peace, good government, and the rule of law. The societies with which Rome was in conflict were caricatured as barbaric, lawless and dangerous.

Life in a Post-911-Truth World

I'm not sure if the topic of "what would happen after (if) a 911 cover-up/plot became exposed" has been tossed around at much length here, but I'd be certain most people here have thought about it in one way or another. While I have yet to really see much discussion on this topic, I did run across this article several weeks ago posted elsewhere, but never saw a re-posting of it anywhere. Its a bit goofy, a bit dark, and very hypothetical, but it is a seed for serious consideration and does deal with a very plausible and complicated scenario if we are ever successful with our plight for truth. Ultimately, I would agree with the conclusion of the article that it is something which should be openly discussed because it may be why so many are turned off/unable to accept any investigation.


(also, there is a link in the sidebar there to a poem called "September 1, 1939". It is indeed quite creepy to see how history is repeating itself. I remember first hearing this poem way back in High School, and then again on NPR (I think) soon after 9/11/2001 in a WTC memorial broadcast. It is definitely worth a sobering read as well)