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"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" - Documentary


"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" is a 5 hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11.

While aimed primarily at a general, uninformed audience, the film also contains some new findings that may be of interest to advanced researchers.

The full version of the film is online at

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Massimo Mazzucco

12 Parallels between Pearl Harbor and 9/11

When researcher and author David Ray Griffin decided to call his first book on September 11 “The New Pearl Harbor” it was more than a passing suggestion that an historic analogy existed between the two events.

The more we learn about September 11, the more we realize that also the internal dynamics in both events bear a chilling resemblance between each other.

Italian TV validates 9/11 Truth Movement call for new inquiry

Italian Truthers were shocked when a popular TV program devoted a full hour presenting the claims from the 9/11 Truth Movement while implicitly validating their call for a new, independent investigation.

On the night of August 26, 2011, popular host and television journalist Giovanni Minoli launched the first of a three-hour series commemorating the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Broadcast on RAI-2, the second public television channel, Minoli’s show used extended segments from “Loose Change” -- dubbed in Italian -- to present the audience with the most updated criticism leveled against the official version by the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Twice before had Italian television broadcast similar films from the 9/11 Truth Movement. In June, 2006, “Inganno Globale” (Global Deception) by Massimo Mazzucco was aired on Berlusconi’s Channel 5, serving as a platform for the ensuing debate on 9/11 which occupied our mainstream media for many months to come. In September of the same year RAI-3, the third public channel, aired Jimmy Walter’s “Confronting the evidence,” adding fuel to the fire.

In both cases, however, the hosts had kept their distance from the films’ contents, presenting them in an “objective manner,” neither endorsing nor criticizing them. (Even then, they took some serious heat from conservative commentators for having simply allowed such “nonsense” to emerge at mainstream level. But they eventually survived – and prospered, in fact - as their ratings had clearly gone up in the meantime).

In the most recent case instead Giovanni Minoli parsed the entire show with personal comments that underlined the absurdity of the official version, implicitly validating our calls for a new investigation. I have excerpted and collated his comments in the attached video for everyone to verify.

As far as I know, Giovanni Minoli has taken no heat whatsoever from political commentators...

12 questions to the supporters of the official version

It seems like it’s showdown time on 9/11 all around the world.

In the US Charlie Sheen has openly challenged the debunkers to debate 9/11 on Larry King. In my country (Italy) I have done the same with the top debunking TV host, Piero Angela, who has recently attacked the “conspiracy theorists” as a bunch of sickos from national TV. In France, ReOpen911 has posted a rebuttal to Canal Plus' hit piece. Russia Today has written favorably of the Truth Movement.