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Foia request: Barry Jennings and Michael Hess (refused by NIST)

In response to FOIA request, NIST has refused to provide copies of transcripts and tapes of interviews with the first responders about Michael Hess and Barry Jennings trapped in WTC7.

Excerpt from NIST NCSTAR 1-8: proof of existence and classification of the interviews with explicit references to the two men trapped in the WTC 7:

Below there are links to documents we exchanged with NIST:


A study, which is based on the official FBI documents issued on 11/09/2001, show how UAL and the FAA were tracing two different flights, but both were identified as "UA 93".

The study contains also analysis of documents issued by FBI, LAU, NTSB and 9/11 Commission published after 9/11.

This document can be viewed and/or downloaded here