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Random 9/11 thoughts

Just some thoughts about 9/11 I think if we all put our minds together we can solve this one with concrete evidence
I cant beleive all the conspirators involved with all their might and money can out smart the world.

1- It would be interesting to investigate the frequency of flight of all those cell phone users abord all hijacked flights
on 9/11. This would make it much easyier to predict who was going to flight that day in order to emulate whome ever they
needed example: Of all the victims whom used their cellphones on all the flights that day. Where any of them first time
flyers? If so it would be very hard to conspire against these people in order to emulate their voices. However if all the
cellphone and airphone users that day were frequent flyers this task would of been much easier. Having said this I am
assuming of course that the phonecalls where emulated since there are now reports the calls would be virtually impossible
at those altitudes and speeds.

2- Also I have never wuite understood how conspiracy theorists can explain the disaperence of the pentagone flight? If a missle
hit the pentagone and not the plane then where is the plane and all the passengers on the manifest? and are any of them