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911 reasons more than greed

Thank you Loose Change and everyone who is working hard to reveal the truth about 911!
I would like to make a comment regarding Loose Change's conclusion that 911 was basically a big money making event.
I encourage the filmmakers to look at a bigger picture. U.S.A. Inc. (the government as its director) is the biggest player in the global corporate game. The corporate game between nations involves a world completely unavailable to the masses. It is a battleground for an elite few that compete for world dominance. This elite world of tyrants are entangled in a web of secrets, deceit, threats, lies, violence....... all driven by greed.
I would argue that the problem is not greed, greed is the force behind the actions. The problem is that governments are completely fused with the economy. Governments should exist to protect the common rights of citizens. In reality, governments function as corporations with CEOs who also double as commander in chiefs.
It is my strongest wish that the work of Loose Change and other like minded people will indeed reveal the truth about 911. In turn, perhaps the world will recognize that it is not about left and right, but right and wrong. Perhaps the world will recognize that nothing will change until government seizes to function as a corporation. Perhaps the world will see the dangers of governments controlling economies and just how far they will go to satisfy their endless greed.