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Breaking the 9/11 ice

I have a suggestion on a pretty good way to open peoples eyes to 911 truth. I did this with a co-worker the other day and was very pleased with the results. I had the video for WTC 7 up on my computer when I called him into my office. I hit play and asked him to tell me what he was watching. He said " one of those building implosions, when they destroy a building". When I told him what it was he just stood there for a second. I asked him if he even knew about another building and he said "No". I told him that that was WTC7, a building bigger than any building in 33 states. He said " Thats messed up, theres something weird going on there" I said " Ya think". This was a guy who has absolutely zero interest in politics or current events so I know he doesn't think along these lines normally, but I believe I made him think. Just a suggestion.

Why isn't this talked about?

Hi, I'm new to the Blog, but I,ve come to the site for @ 2 years. Something has bugged me for a couple of years now. I was reading an article by a guy named Kent Southard a couple of years ago. He stated that in July of 2001 the FAA rescinded a little known rule that since 1961 ( The Cuban Missle Crisis) airline pilots had been allowed to carry guns in the cockpit. When I saw this I thought it was a huge smoking gun. I researched it and the only corraboration I could find was on the Right Wing website World Net Daily. Their article claimed it was true but they blamed it on the FAA ( Federal Government, Duh!) and the airlines. Does anyone else have info on this and why isn't it talked about? Has it been disproved?