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MSNBC Links to Loose Change Debate Video.

I was searching around on MSNBC.COM so that I could find an email address where i could reach Olbermann's staff. I simply wanted to commend them on their coverage of the Military Commissions Act. After doing so, I checked the MSNBC blog link hoping to find some more discussion on the topic. What I found was even better, at the top of the MSNBC's blog page, is a staffer blog called "Clicked, Sneaky Links." When I visited this blog, which is run by MSNBC, I scrolled down to Oct. 16th and saw that they had created a blog entry called "Loose Change and Making Sense." Here's the text of the blog, along with a link to it.


"The Loose Change guys versus the Popular Mechanics guys. In case you're not familiar, Loose Change is a video that argues that 9/11 did not happen the way the story is told in popular media. Popular Mechanics published a debunking of many of the points of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. It's really fascinating to see them debate in person. The reasoning style of the 9/11 guys is pretty fascinating in itself. They don't seem as interested in answering questions as they are about making sense of questions. They ask a lot of "If A is true, then why B?" questions. A and B don't necessarily answer each other, but when put together they imply an answer. Speaking of arguing with 9/11 doubters here's South Park's take."

Groupthink and 9/11

Groupthink and 9/11

The official story given to explain the events of 9/11 has been perpetuated and allowed to stand in large part due to the American
public's suffering from a psychological phenomenon known as Groupthink. Groupthink is "a mode of thought whereby individuals
intentionally conform to what they perceive to be the consensus of the group. Groupthink may cause the group to make bad or
irrational decisions which each member might individually consider to be unwise." This mode of thought is molded into existance
through the major media outlets, which have pushed the offical myth day one, immediately becoming THE answer to the
question of what happened. After this myth was established, the publics understandings and opinions regarding the event were
shaped and voiced in conformity with this official story. By selecting what information reaches the public, and by spinning the
information that is chosen to be discussed, the media in effect controls the 9/11 public discourse. When discourse is controlled, acaged paradigm is created in which the public is forced to think within a screened reality.Confucius once said, "How best to govern the state? First rectify the language." Only able to draw upon the controlled information provided to them, the public begins to form a group concensus as to what happened. In addition, everyone they see on TV believes this way, which leads them to believe this must be the dominant view. In or around this time is when the psycholigical mode of thought known as Groupthink takes a firm hold, in effect, severly limiting a persons ability to act upon information contradictory / harmful to the worldview which has now been created for them...ie 9/11 Truth.