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Seattle Truthers Unite

Tonight in Seattle, at the Douglas Truth Library, around twenty 9/11 Truthers met to discuss the best ways to spread 9/11 Truth and prepare for future terror attacks. The meeting was well organized and the passions were high as the core members of 9/11 Truth Seattle prepped for the upcoming visit from David Ray Griffin and shared their most effective strategies in the library's conference room.
I urge you all to check out their website and show them some much needed support. Just simply registering to their site and participating in the 9/11 chat would be a huge boon for 9/11 in the state of Washington.
Keep spreading the truth!


I read a post recently and came up with an idea that I think would be a great way to spread the word about TerrorStorm. If everyone just calls 5 local retailers a day and asks for TerrorStorm, the word would spread like wild fire.
Imagine each person calling in a different neighborhood around the nation, the businesses would be STUPID not to start ordering it like crazy!
Spread the word and lets all try this for the next week or so.