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What is wrong with 911 thruth?

I know many of you might take offense for what I am about to write, but nevertheless it is what I believe to be the ultimate truth. In my humble opinion the 911 truth movement has already created and went beyond “critical mass”. More than 5 percent believe in your concerns regarding the official story (fraud) given to us by the Philip Zelikov commission. I read that somewhere between 35 to 40 percent are more likely to believe your truth than the official story, given these numbers, I wonder why this have not translated into a massive demonstrations like the civil rights movement, Vietnam and so forth.

I have been reading your post for the last couple of weeks and came to conclusion that you guys are honest and passionate in what you believe, but in my opinion I have the impression that the 911 truth community is more concerned with being right about 911, than mobilizing the masses. You have to understand that the truth is already on your side, because you have proven that the official story is a lie and that is commendable, but the 911-truth community has failed in translating the awakening of many into a cause that many will strive for a change.

In my opinion the middle class America (what is left) is apathetic to 911 truth, because they benefit from the status quo and rather than accept the truth, they will rationalize and find comfort in our mediums of propaganda and deception. They have fancy cars, homes, and good jobs. These middle class individuals ultimately work for the global corporations that are the roots of our nation’s problem. When you shatter the middle-class reality, they become aggressive and vicious with denial and will accept the most ridiculous opposing view.