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911 Thought Experiment

Just thought some of the readers might be interested
in this piece I put together to help those who are still
inclined to the official story see things a bit more clearly.

An excerpt:
Scale this whole thing to a useful size for some more ideas, that's what's so beautiful about thought experiments, you can do all this stuff - imagine a box in your driveway or something about 10 feet tall and 2 feet square of the same matrix like steel construction, with that core and walls of steel, and 'floors' of crossbracing every inch or so, anchored firmly to a cement foundation a few inches under the cement driveway - and then I give you a somewhat elongated cigar tube of about an inch in diameter and a foot in length (and remember, scaling everything, the 'walls' of the cigar tube will be sort of the thickness of a sheet of paper or something like that), a hollow lightweight aluminum tube (imagine it with appropriately scaled wings if you like). Your instructions are to imagine loading that hollow tube into an elephant gun or something, and firing it into the ten foot tall steel matrix somewhere near the top, and thinking about how much structural damage it would cause to your ten foot by two foot by two foot steel matrix anchored below your cement driveway. Look at that one inch tube in your hand, and that ten foot tall steel box in your driveway. Think about it. Are you getting some idea of the scale of things, the actual size of that airplane compared to the WTC? If you were a betting person, would you bet on that cigar tube initiating a 'global destruction' sequence - or not?