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What if the 9/11 Truth Movement is Wrong?

A review by Chris Rose

The Republic of East Vancouver has published an article by Michael Nenonen in its March 1 to 14, 2007 issue entitled What if the 9-11 Truth Movement is Wrong?. Of course there is no elaboration of the much larger and far more important question of, what if we are right? But of course that article would have never made it past the managing editors IN BOX.

Let me start by saying, this is a pretty weak article. I only blogged it because I think ALL viewpoints concerning 9/11 truth should be given a forum for discussion, even those that do not necessarily agree with mine. In fact, ESPECIALLY those that do not necessarily agree with mine. I believe that the truth withstands inquiry. If I am wrong about 9/11 being an Inside Job, I welcome the opportunity to be set straight once and for all. With this offering, Mr. Neonen has failed to set me straight.

The Santa Fe New Mexican Covers BBC 9/11 "Cock-Up"

Not exactly MSM. But fairly written and even throws a shout out to us at

Source: The Santa Fe New Mexican

Blog by Devin Green
March 1, 2007

As today is my last day setting the homepage for The Santa Fe New Mexican I thought I would bid you all farewell. I resigned two weeks ago to better pursue my personal interests. It is to my great amusement however that this day coincides with an astonishing story to share in this blog. There is an uproar rising across the Internet over what is being called yet another blatant, 9/11 smoking gun.

Early this week an independent researcher, reviewing video archives of the BBC's 9/11 coverage, divulged the discovery of an earth shaking incongruence. BBC reporters announced the collapse of the 47 story Salomon Brothers Building 23 minutes BEFORE the actual sudden collapse. This building, also known as WTC 7, is clearly visible, standing tall, as a reporter gestures to the live view through the window behind her.


Lionel does an amazing job of getting to the heart of the matter, especially concerning the facts surrounding the events of 9/11. In addition to being a former practicing Attorney, he is one of the most lucid and logical thinkers on talk radio today. He is also a strong advocate for 9/11 truth. Take a listen to one of his "best of" shows (below) and I'm sure you will agree, Lionel deserves our full support.

Get more Lionel here.


Countdown to Armageddon

Countdown to Armageddon

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The clock started counting down on the morning of September 11, 2001. Although over five years have passed since that terrible day, few have had the courage to say what surely more and more Americans are finally starting to realize: There is a killer living in the White House.

Literally scores of thousands have died, perhaps even hundreds of thousands have lost their lives due directly to the wicked reign of George W. Bush as President of the United States of America. A recent AP Poll even rated Bush the #1 Villain of 2006 beating out the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and even Satan! Had the poll not been limited to 2006, is there any doubt that Bush would have given Hitler a run for his money?

AlterNet Revisits 9/11 via Article by Sander Hicks

9/11: The Case Isn't Closed -

Editor's note: The role of the alternative press is to offer perspectives that the commercial media won't touch. Having run a number of articles critical of the "9/11 Truth Movement" by Matt Taibbi, Joshua Holland, Matthew Rothschild and others, we asked Sander Hicks, a prominent voice within the movement, to share his perspective. For more of Sanders' views, see his book "The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up."

No matter what you believe about who was responsible for 9/11, and how it went down, we're all amazed at how much political capital the events of that day produced for this administration: A bipartisan consensus on torture; an era of permanent war; detentions without trial; "no fly" lists for activists; the Bill of Rights gone with the wind, and a cowed professional media willing to self-censor and suppress pertinent information. The 9/11 "America Attacked" story has distracted us from the natural outrage we should feel over illegal wiretaps, stolen elections, hundreds of billions of dollars missing at the Pentagon, war profiteering, Enron and Cheney's secret energy policy.

But with Bush's popularity at a record low, a Zogby poll shows that over 40 percent of Americans now think there has been a "coverup" around 9/11. A more recent poll conducted at the Scripps-Howard/University of Ohio found more than a third of those asked said it was likely that "people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."

Loose Change Final Cut

A short preview of things to come...

This is a preview of the highly anticipated 9/11 truth documentary Loose Change: Final Cut. Due to be released in Spring 2007.

The Smoking Whistle

You heard right... 'whistle'. As in whistle-blower!

This is the MOST powerful video on YouTube, although curiously not the most watched. Take note this video was uploaded to YouTube on July 6, 2006. Norman Mineta submitted his resignation effective July 7, 2006.

This video is also being touted as one of the most powerful pieces of video evidence to be featured in the forthcoming release of Loose Change: Final Cut.

If WTC7 is the smoking gun, Norman Mineta is the smoking whistle.

Run Rudy Run! (You can run, but you cannot hide... from 9/11 Truth)

See Video Here

*** Begin Transcript of Rudy Giuliani Being Interviewed By Peter Jennings of ABC News:

Giuliani: What's going on now is a massive rescue effort.

Jennings: Do you believe it's hundreds or thousands? [Referring to potential casualties trapped inside the towers]

Giuliani: I, I, I really, I really... I really don't want to say right now Peter, I, I think it's gonna be... a hori, a horrible number. I saw people jumping out of the World Trade Center. I saw some of the fire fighters who I know going into the building. So, we were in a building in which we were trapped for about ten, fifteen minutes... and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street which was right there with the police commissioner and the fire commissioner... and the head of emergency management... and we were operating out of there, when WE WERE TOLD THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS GOING TO COLLAPSE. [Emphasis mine]

*** End Transcript.

*** Begin My Questions for Rudy Giuliani, Concerning 9/11/01:

-Mr. Giuliani, who told you the World Trade Center was going to collapse?

-Exactly how did your source know that the WTC was going to collapse? [Especially considering NO steel and concrete building had ever collapsed due to fire, EVER!]

Demand a Real Investigation of 9/11!

As the democrats prepare to take control of the House and Senate, we the people need to inundate Nancy Pelosi with letters and faxes demanding a re-investigation of the attacks which occurred on September 11, 2001.

Many are calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush, when what we really should be demanding is a legitimate investigation into the facts of the events which occurred on September 11, 2001. When these facts come to light, impeachment will be the very least of George W. Bush’s concerns.

With 84% of Americans believing that the official version of the events of 9/11 are not true, there are literally tens of millions who should support a real investigation. We need to get a fraction of them to take action by DEMANDING that the Bush & Cheney administration be held accountable.

Fax or snail mail the letter below or your own variation to:

FAX: 202-225-8259

Nancy Pelosi
2371 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

District Office:

450 Golden Gate Ave.
14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Emails are nice, but letters and faxes make a physical pile that form a powerful visual that is far more difficult to ignore, much less delete.

Speaker Pelosi,

New 9/11 Truth Music Video

The group is Remo Conscious, the title of the song is "We Know". True hip-hop heads (like moi) will find the rap kinda weak, but the video is hype! Check the cameo from the Loose Change guys.

The Video

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

#18 Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story

Source: Project Censored

Research into the events of September 11 by Brigham Young University physics professor, Steven E. Jones, concludes that the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings is implausible according to laws of physics. Jones is calling for an independent, international scientific investigation “guided not by politicized notions and constraints but rather by observations and calculations.”

In debunking the official explanation of the collapse of the three WTC buildings, Jones cites the complete, rapid, and symmetrical collapse of the buildings; the horizontal explosions (squibs) evidenced in films of the collapses; the fact that the antenna dropped first in the North Tower, suggesting the use of explosives in the core columns; and the large pools of molten metal observed in the basement areas of both towers.

Jones also investigated the collapse of WTC 7, a forty-seven-story building that was not hit by planes, yet dropped in its own “footprint,” in the same manner as a controlled demolition. WTC 7 housed the U.S. Secret Service, the Department of Defense, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the Internal Revenue Service Regional Council, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Many of the records from the Enron accounting scandal were destroyed when the building came down.

Time Ignores Readers Choice of Hugo Chavez as Person of the Year!

It seems they'd rather give it to "you" instead of the person chosen by well over a third of Time readers.

Not a word as to why Time would ignore the clear winner of its readers poll. Hmmmm, I wonder if it could have anything to do with Hugo's stance on 9/11 truth?

Loose Change Guys vs. Mark Roberts - Part A

Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas debate Mark Roberts on government complicity in the events of September 11, 2001 here.

Interestingly Dylan admits that his movie contains serious flaws and even goes so far as to say LC is not a fair representation of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Instead he endorses 9/11 Press for Truth.

Worth a watch.

"I Want That Camera!"

Members of the 9/11 Truth Movement need to see this video.

In the age of MySpace, Blogs and most especially YouTube, the power to disseminate audio/visual information in near real time has never been greater. That makes you a threat! A tremendous threat!

With the upcoming 9/11 Truth "Tea" Parties as well as future "Truth" rallys, keep in mind the power you possess via video. Watch your back Truthers. Remember, "they" don't want the masses exposed to the Truth. They will do ANYTHING to hide it.

The revolution will NOT be televised... it will be UPLOADED!!!