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A Tragic Conspiracy?

As we all know, September 11, 2001 started-out as a beautiful day: bright, cool, a picture-perfect day indeed. There was no thought of horror and death until the horror and death truly struck. As with any tragedy that comes upon our lives so unexpectedly and violently (car crash, plane crash, heart attack, etc.) we're preoccupied with our important (and not so important) concerns when the tragedy strikes. That day, 9/11 (as it's now forever known) was certainly no exception, surpassing everything we had previously experienced. Who had ever witnessed two massive skyscrapers crumble into dust? The correct answer is No One. This had never happened before in human history. Without even going to and through the various web sites that analyze the ifs and hows of building demolition, it should've been apparent to most people from the start that steel constructed buildings simply do not disinegrate and almost vanish before our eyes. Nonetheless, the Towers (along with Tower 7) did certainly crumble into dust. However, what's happened in the five years since that fateful day? Where is the great "War on Terror" that was in all the papers? I live here in New York City...there's still an empty lot called Ground Zero which signifies what was rebuilt there! Is there anyone out there who believes that we are fighting a REAL WAR on terrorism?...or, for that matter, ANYTHING? We are (for most part) silent witnesses to absurd "wars" in two countries; we merely tally the body count.