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World Trade Center Demolition Video Verified?

Footage recorded on 9/11 of the apparent demolition of the World Trade Center seems to be verified by independent sources.

Also, large amounts of smoke are clearly seen emerging from WTC 2 just prior to it's collapse, even though it's collapse is said to have started 80 stories above street level.

Firefighter recollections can be verified here:

Rosie Unable To Host Major 9/11 Skeptics On 'The View'?

Are Rosie's efforts to host an honest discussion of 9/11 being suppressed?

From Rosie's website message board:

Posted by ro on May 2nd at 12:38pm in ask ro

Susan writes:

You’d mentioned on the show that you would have an expert on to discuss the “implosion” of Trade Centre Tower 7. Any chance that will happen soon before your last day on the View?


i doubt it

Bay Area Bridge And WTC Tower Collapses: No Comparison. Here's Why.

Aidan Monaghan
Associate Member - Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Observing seeming opportunists in the media selectively comparing the recent fire induced California Bay area bridge collapse and the apparent deliberate destruction of the World Trade Center towers is truly like watching a comparison of apples and oranges.

One Associated Press account of the Bay area event reads as follows:

"Some scientists were studying linkages between the freeway collapse and how the World Trade Center came down on Sept. 11, 2001.

The structural failures appear similar, said David McCallen, division leader in nonproliferation, homeland and international security at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory."


No honest comparison of the 2 events can ever proceed until the media begins to include all available evidence for comparison, including the abundant evidence of explosive device use in the World Trade Center tower destructions (evidence first acknowledged, then later suppressed):

The Bin Ladens: An American Success Story

Aidan Monaghan

Upon close examination, the activities of the family of accused 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden seem to be those of a major international crime family who have apparently enjoyed a long, extensive and unique relationship with the highest echelons of America's ruling elite, particularly the family of President George W. Bush.

Information contained within this documentary can be verified at:

Council On Foreign Relations Using 9/11-Like Terror To Justify North American Union Creation?

Aidan Monaghan

Is the Council On Foreign Relations and it's internally selected 3,000-4,000 members (who arguably constitute a 'shadow' government) using the fear of 9/11-like terror to intimidate North American populations into accepting the creation of a sovereignty ending North American Union?

Members of the CFR are comprised of the elite within the worlds of government, media, entertainment and academia.

Current and former CFR members include: Vice president Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Quotes from the CFR's 'Creating A North American Union' include:

"Terrorist activity has underscored North America's vulnerability".

"Future terrorist assaults could target sites in any of the three countries".

"The ... community would be defined by ... an outer security perimeter".

"To ... enhance security ... for all North Americans".

"The overarching goal is to guarantee a ... safe ... North America".

Verified 'Conspiracies' A Historical Norm

By Aidan Monaghan

Those who automatically dismiss so called 'conspiracy theories' as the products of paranoia or over-active imaginations are simply not familiar with even recent history.

Governments can and do manipulate critical events out of public view and will apparently lie to the public about these events to conceal such activity and manipulate public opinion, as will be seen.

History is full of verified 'conspiracies'.

(Derived primarily from the Cooperative Research website)

In 1979, the American public was lead to believe that the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan was an unprovoked act of aggression.

Only years later did the world learn that the U.S. tampered with Afghanistan behind the scenes to provoke this invasion and the 10 year war that killed over 1 million.

What is equally noteworthy is that supposed humanitarian Jimmy Carter himself approved of this war provocation behind the scenes, yet in front of a watching world, boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics in retaliation to Moscow's alleged 'aggression'.

American-Led Boycott Of The 1980 Summer Olympics

Post 9/11 Anthrax & 'Beltway Sniper' Attacks: Well Timed Inside Jobs?

Were the post 9/11 anthrax mail attacks a well timed 'inside job' designed to target and intimidate U.S. senate opponents to the White House sponsored Patriot Act just prior to it's Capital Hill passage?

Were the Washington, DC 'Beltway Sniper' shootings also a well timed 'inside job' designed to intimidate potential Washington DC opponents to the White House Iraq war plans during Capital Hills' debate of the matter?

And is it just a coincidence that 2 of the most notorious U.S. domestic terrorists ever, are also Gulf War 1 veterans?

NOTE: In the interest of saved time and reduced characters, it may seem to be implied that anthrax laced mail reached Senator Leahy's office as it did Senator Daschle. Anthrax laced mail targeting Leahy was in fact discovered at another location.

The War On Terror: The Greatest Hoax Of All Time?

When one examines the history behind the current 'war on terror', government sponsored myths begin to unravel.

The World Trade Center - September 26, 1998

It was Saturday night, September 26, 1998.

I just came from a mid-town Manahattan buffet with a couple of friends on the subway to the station stop below the towers, to pay a visit to the World Trade Center observation deck.

The night before, I watched the NY Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 6-1 to set the American League record for wins in a season.

And thats how it was.

AA 11 & UA 175: Case Closed?

With little to no verifiable evidence of what really happened to the planes that struck the World Trade Center on 9/11 as well as destroyed accounts of air traffic controllers by the FAA, the FBI must be compelled to release to the National Transportation Safety Board all aircraft debris in it's possession collected at the World Trade Center after 9/11 for final identification.

New Video Of WTC Bomb Witnesses On 9/11.

The opening of this compilation of eyewitness and media reports of explosive devices at the World Trade Center on 9/11, begins with 3 rarely seen interviews.

The evidence of explosive devices at the World Trade Center on 9/11 is nearly overwhelming and the media and government who continue to refuse to address this evidence now resemble Iraq's 'Baghdad Bob' who on the behalf of Saddam Hussein, insisted to the world's assembled media in 2003 that U.S. forces were being routed even as sounds of their swift takeover of Baghdad could be heard in the background.

Why does the government and media refuse to address an aspect of 9/11 (explosive devices at WTC.) that is now forever linked to the event?

What do they fear?

Did HBO Cover Up Bomb Use At The WTC on 9/11?

Did HBO television deliberately delete frames of video used in their 2002 documentary 'In Memorium - 9/11/2001', that revealed the detonation of an apparent exploive device at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

Can the major corporate media be relied upon to provide the public with complete information or is it simply an establishment tool used to shape public opinions and manufacture desired outcomes?

New Molten Metal Image At Ground Zero

This is an image of apparently molten metal at Ground Zero discovered by Scholars For 9/11 Truth
Associate Member Aidan Monaghan and posted to his site:

Such molten metal may in fact be molten iron, which results from thermite reactions and which BYU physicist Steven Jones alleges was responsible for the destruction of the WTC towers.